Android 13 in your business

Wednesday, 28 September 2022

The use of mobile phones has changed rapidly from sending messages and calls to now doing work tasks with the new tools available.

With an increase of social media and the change of how we interact, not only personally but professionally, more people are using their phone for larger amounts of the day.

There are many benefits of mobile phones but there is a downside which puts businesses and its data at risk.

The risks

If personal mobile devices get accessed and breached, that puts risk on businesses.

Android 13 is a big change for businesses and more data on the new features on the latest system has been released by Google.

The features will support business data security along with supporting those balancing work-life.

Currently we can separate work and personal profiles on our Android devices, and with the new updates managing these profiles safely will become easier.

For example, if an employee had to watch a training video for work purposes, they could set their phone to open in browser instead of the YouTube app to separate work and personal tasks and won’t affect personal viewing history.

IT admins will have more control over how business devices which will benefit the business in monitoring security logs for passwords, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, as well as installing security patches quicker.

Employees can benefit from having data encrypted through work-issued devices whilst using personal profiles.

The update will also separate photo galleries for personal and business photos, allowing for more security within privacy measures. Lost Mode and lock and locate has been improved and with locating lost devices. Additionally end-to-end encryption with the use of new ChromeOS feature.

With those who currently have a Google device, you should have access to Android 13. Other Android devices can look to expect it within the next coming weeks.

We can help!

We can help guide you through the best way to manage mobile devices within your business.

Published with permission from Your Tech Updates

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