Benefits of our VoIP Systems

Friday, 18 September 2020

In an interview with VoIP specialist Tom Glover, we look at our VoIP systems and how they can benefit businesses of all sizes.


Introduce Yourself:

My name is Tom Glover, and I’m a VoIP specialist with Pisys.

I’ve been with the business since 2017, and I help companies move across to VoIP telephone systems.


So, what is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and in simple terms, it means you use the internet to connect your telephone rather than a traditional, hard-wired landline.


Why would a business choose VoIP over a traditional telephone landline?

Where to start!

There are lots of benefits to choosing a VoIP system over a landline, including:

  1. Low-risk, 30-day rolling contracts
  2. Cloud-based – works anywhere with an internet connection
  3. Huge savings potential
  4. Can transfer calls FREE to mobile phones 
  5. From 1 to 500+ users
  6. Monitor billing & phone usage by individual or department
  7. Identify missed call numbers and the time they called


You mention works anywhere with an internet connection, does that really mean anywhere?


As long as you have a decent connection speed, about 10mbps, you can make and receive calls on:

  1. Your Desktop
  2. Your Laptop
  3. Your Tablet
  4. Your Smartphone

It makes working remotely a breeze, as you take your works phone number wherever you go. 

For example, using the VoIP app that comes with the system, your device becomes your landline number. So anyone ringing your office number can be answered on your device and conversely, you can dial from the app and the number shown on the other side is your office number, not your mobile phone or home telephone number.


What if you don’t have a fast internet connection?

No problem.

We also offer a mobile broadband solution that uses a SIM Card to boost the WiFi signal in your area and in some instances, we’ve taken connection speeds from 2/4mbps to 20+


So, does it only work with a VoIP app?

The app is the easiest way to use it, however as it’s an internet-based system, you could take your works phone from the office and plug it into the back of your router at home or wherever you are.


It sounds like it’s ideal for medium to big companies; what about small businesses?

That’s the beauty of the system; it’s scalable from one user to thousands!

It’s great for small businesses, especially those with staff who tend to work away from an office as calls can be transferred to them free of charge.

What’s more, for medium to large companies, you can set up phone systems by department and analyse call activity and usage by the users in that department or as a group.

Not only is this useful to manage telephone bills, but from a sales & marketing perspective, you can monitor call volumes and identify missed calls by the telephone number and the time they called.


How easy are they to set up?

They can be installed and set up very quickly.

You just need an active IP address (broadband connection) with sufficient speed for the number of phones you need. We’ll set the system up for you, and as there are a huge range of handset choices, we can help you choose the ones that’s best for your business including reception desk type units with multiple options to forward to different people and departments.


What if you need more handsets?

You can actually order them through the phone, and once we’ve set the system up, it’s easy enough for you to add another telephone yourself, or we can do it for you.


And if there are problems with the system?

Our tech support team backs up all our handsets, so if there’s an issue, contact our team and we’ll either fix it remotely or send an engineer out to your business to solve the problem.


It all sounds great – which businesses would benefit from VoIP?

It’s suitable for all businesses, but especially those with 15+ members of staff who all need a phone line.


I’m guessing it will help if another lockdown happens?

Most definitely. All of our clients who had one of our VoIP systems during the initial lockdown commented on how simple it was to use but more importantly, how easy it was for colleagues, customers, suppliers and more could keep in contact as if they were in the office.


What do businesses need to do next?

We offer a free VoIP demonstration and can talk you through the different options available and costs. Just call 01792 464748 or email [email protected] and speak to one of our team.

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