Case study – Why Trying To Manage Your Own IT Can Be Stressful

Thursday, 31 October 2019
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We frequently come across small to medium sized businesses who have gone through a growth phase and find themselves with a host of IT issues, and one client in-particular, a Training Company in Swansea, are a case in point.


Like many small businesses, IT was a job without a home!

The sales and marketing manager had been unceremoniously anointed with the role many years earlier as he seemed to understand the IT systems better than his colleagues.


As a small company with less than 20 members of staff, the role didn’t require much effort.

Aside from the odd printer cartridge change here and there and some simple software updates, it didn’t prove much of an issue – until the company went through a growth phase.


More Business = More Stress!

Thanks to a new series of courses, demand for training skyrocketed and in a relatively short space of time, they not only doubled the amount of staff they employed, but also opened a new office.


As would be expected, the sales and marketing manager was a key to this activity and while he had his own role to manage, there was the issue of the new staff continually requiring IT assistance.


From ordering laptops and other hardware, installing software, setting up users and dealing with day-to-day IT problems, things changed very quickly.


Whereas this had once been manageable, over a period of 12 months, everything had changed, but as is the case with a lot of companies we deal with, they tried to carry on as normal, until they reached breaking point.


Pisys to the Rescue!

A seemingly constant stream of staff members requiring IT assistance in the form of forgotten passwords, software issues, broadband access and other small, yet time-consuming jobs, proved too much.


Day to day IT problems had taken over his life, to the point where he was finding it difficult to do his own job, so he decided to look for help.


A call to our sales team and a visit was arranged to discuss the problems he was facing and outline how our Support IT service was the perfect solution, with features such as:


☎️ Speak directly with a friendly, experienced Microsoft Certified Engineer

⏰ Helpdesk open 7.30am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday

? 97% of problems are resolved remotely

? Onsite engineers available the same day


The Outcome

Very quickly, he had started to regain control over his day-day-day workload and any staff member who requested IT help were pointed in the direction of the technical help desk at who fixed the issues immediately.


The risk free, 30-day contract also meant there were no long-term tie ins and a review of their hardware requirements identified they were actually paying too much for their laptops, and could actually get them cheaper – saving them money!


All in all, a 30-minute meeting changed the business for the better and his comment is one we’ve heard many, many times before “I wish we’d done this sooner.”


Does This Ring True With You?

Whether you are going through a growth phase or not, if IT is becoming a problem for your business, arrange a FREE IT review to see how we can help.


Even If you have already outsourced the service or are dealing with it quite well in-house, a quick chat can identify possible savings and if something does go wrong in the future, at least you’ll know who to call.


To arrange a meeting with us, please email [email protected] or call 01792 464748

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