Colour Printing is Just What the Doctor Ordered

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Among the popular hypotheses are the ideas that our sight evolved to help us recognise possible danger, identify ripe fruit, or distinguish the emotions of those around us.

Today, colour remains a powerful psychological stimulus – one that savvy schools can leverage to boost cognitive learning, and businesses may utilise to streamline their services. Reliable colour-coded systems are especially beneficial for healthcare providers looking to optimise daily operations in a notoriously complex industry.

When it comes to simplifying such tasks, Samsung’s multifunctional printers (MFPs) are just what the doctor ordered. The printers’ efficiency not only allows healthcare organisations to streamline a significant area of expenditure but also makes it easier to provide a more seamless patient experience.

Treating Inefficiency

Rising costs place pressure on healthcare providers – and their IT decision makers – to enhance efficiency without compromising the quality of their services. GP surgeries rely on printers to produce the reams of forms, charts, and labelling materials required to offer excellent care. Far too often, however, inefficient printing practices result in needless costs, which makes exploring ways to streamline these tasks an absolute must.

Whether the job requires mobility, digitisation, or simply speed; Samsung MFPs are built to do it all. Here are a few ways that healthcare providers can utilise the printers’ colour printing capabilities in particular to experience more efficient document management.


Samsung’s MFPs are capable of printing up to 60 colour pages per minute, offering GPs and support teams an efficient means to speed up this aspect of their workflow. Colour-coded documentation can also foster more personal interactions between medical staff and their patients, allowing doctors to instantly obtain the information they need from interacting with the patient him or herself, rather than scanning a form or chart.

Optimizing Workflow

Organising documents and reports by colour can make them easier for physicians to read, and can help ensure that all documents relevant to a patient’s care are included in their file.

Samsung’s MFPs are certified to produce standout colour. These solutions have been recognised with numerous Buyer’s Lab awards and produce more vibrant hues thanks to an advanced Polymerized Toner formula that features smaller particles as well as a high wax content that not only improves image gloss but also prevents unwanted fading.

Samsung’s toner technologies have also been awarded a certification for low emissions, which means that their premium colour standard is certified ‘green’.

Clear and Consistent Labelling

The mislabelling of documents and medications – caused by a variety of factors, including communication lapses and overstressed staff – can be quite common. This, of course, can pose great risks for the patients under their care.

Colour-coded medication labels alleviate this issue, allowing instructions, dosages and allergy information to be highlighted in hues that catch the eye. Samsung’s proprietary colour-enhancing technology, Rendering Engine for Clean Page (ReCP), makes printing high-quality labels simple and adds extra ‘oomph’ to colour while ensuring crystal clear text and images.

A Cure for Printing Woes

When properly utilised, colour printing, and the efficiency offered by Samsung’s cost-effective MFPs can allow healthcare providers to spend less time on admin and more time caring for their patients. The difference, as they say, is black and white.

Source: Samsung

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