Global chip shortage

Monday, 25 July 2022
Global Chip Shortage

Over the years the tech world has had a challenge with the shortage of chips.

However, it is not just the tech business that are facing the impacts.
Most of our every day things contains a chip such as laptops, desktops, household appliances and cars. It would be a challenge to identify an electric device without containing a chip.

With that being said, the shortage can lead to a massive disruption in our lives. It has been ongoing since 2020… which was a difficult year in itself on a global scale.
It began during the pandemic as production fell and demands increased.

The extreme weather, the war in Ukraine, and a factory fire have made it worse. Increasing chip production doesn’t come easy and can take years to build new factories due to the unique production requirements.

So, what does this mean for your business?

The global chip shortage ultimately means you need to focus on planning ahead in more detail.
Elements of the technology you need to run your business may be in short supply with a lot of people in the same position as you.
To put it into perspective obtaining many the same laptop might prove difficult, compared to getting a couple.

Network switches are currently much harder to get and often get forgotten about due to being a background device.

As you move your business forward to increasing growth it means planning ahead on a much bigger scale than ever before. Industry experts are expecting the shortage to go into the next year and could be longer.

Run your growth plans by us and we can advise on what you need to do during the global chip shortage. Get in touch: 01792 464748



Published with permission from Your Tech Updates.

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