Maintaining reliable phone systems can make the difference to many businesses and an unreliable service can often mean lost revenue

If your phone line stopped working, consider the impact on your business. A phone line down for an hour or two is an inconvenience but what would happen if it went down for a day, two days, a week?

Since most digital phone systems are reliant on a broadband connection, if the phones stop working, there is a chance your internet and emails may also be down so relying on email or social email to communicate may not be an option.

Mobile phones too can be problematic. Whilst OK in the short term, trying to run a business from a mobile phone will soon become challenging to say the least.

What would happen to your business if:

  • Your Customers Were Unable To Contact You
  • You Were Unable To Place Orders
  • You Were Unable To Schedule Deliveries
  • You Were Unable To Communicate With Colleagues

How does it work?

Our hosted phone systems are installed and managed by our engineers who will be on hand to resolve any issues and can install and move lines faster than many national companies – essential if you are moving site.

Once we are aware of your business need, we will recommend the best solution at the best price. We will not advise on systems that are not needed and will only suggest an upgrade if it is in the best interests of the company. We will oversee all aspects of any changes and provide a seamless
transition with minimal impact on your business.

Hosted Phone Systems Solutions include:

  • Hardware Installation (Phones, Cabling, Connectivity)
  • Full System Set Up
  • Training (If Needed)
  • Seamless Transfer Of Management Of Existing System To Pisys.Net
  • Software Upgrades


Key Benefits Include

  • Seamless Transfer Of Existing Phone Management
  • IT Helpdesk And Remote Support
  • Our Own Engineers To Manage Office Moves – Faster Than Nationals
  • Access To Latest Technology
  • Wifi Phone Systems For Free Internal Calls, Including To Mobile Devices


The system can also be set up to monitor and track telephone numbers – ideal for marketing campaigns
and to identify call volumes along with management reports and intuitive desktop management

To find out more, contact [email protected]
or telephone 0330 124 1009.

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