Is Digital Replacing Paper in the Office?

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Our lives may be becoming more ’’digital’’, but paper is still useful, especially when it comes to printing in the workplace.

Here are just a few reasons why having an excellent printing system is still so important to your business:

Mobile Access

Mobile devices such as phones and tablets play a significant part of modern life and are fast becoming integral to the successful operations of many businesses. As Microsoft Office 365 allows users to access, edit and share files and emails in the cloud; some business people can effectively work from a tablet or phone – until they need to print a document!

Fortunately, many of our printers have wireless or Bluetooth printing either built-in or available as an optional extra allowing you to print directly from your mobile device.  The result? No more emailing a document to a colleague to print for you or waiting until you are “hardwired” to a printer; with, you can print from your mobile device directly to a printer.

Hardworking Staff Need a Hardworking Printer

If your workplace has more than five people using the same printer regularly, at some point, you will have experienced issues such as:

•    Paper Jams

•    Jobs getting mixed up in the printers “out-tray”

•    Delay in the ability to print

•    Using lots of toner or ink costing you a small fortune

With our printers, we make sure we allocate the right printer for your business.

Not only will new technology help reduce regular issues such as paper jams, but additional facilities can also help such as:

“Stacked out-trays” allowing print jobs to be separated

Faster rates of print per minute meaning less time waiting for your job to complete

Efficient toners and ink cartridges meaning you get more printing for the amount you are spending to save your business money.

An Efficient Printer Is Better For The Environment

While many businesses strive to become paper free environments, it can be extremely difficult to achieve in practice. It is far easier to become more efficient in your paper use, and our printers can help with this objective.

Facilities such as double-sided printing can decrease your print output by 50% instantly and with our log-in settings, you can restrict the amount of printing a person can undertake at any given time.  This will make people think before they print as if they know they only have a limited number of sheets they can print each week, they will be less likely to send jobs to the printer that have errors and need re-printing.

These are just some of the benefits of using for your print needs. For more information, visit

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