NFON & Microsoft 365 – Keeping Your Business Working No Matter The Weather

Thursday, 24 January 2019

As the temperatures drop, roads get icy and snow begins to fall; employers may have a phone call or message from a staff member who can’t get into work.

They could be snowed in, they may not be able to start their car, their children’s school may be closed meaning they have to stay at home; there are a variety of reasons.

Combine this with non-staff issues such as no heating, phone lines being down or the office being inaccessible due to the weather and many businesses will be forced to close resulting in lost revenue.

This “perfect storm” of problems is a reality for many employers, and while we can’t do anything about the weather, we can help your business stay operational thanks to cloud-based services that allow people to work from almost anywhere.

NFON and Microsoft Office 365 are cloud-based applications that use the internet to operate, so as long as you have an internet connection, you have access to the services, but what do they do?

Jo-Ann Miles explains.

“NFON is a phone system for businesses that uses the internet rather than the traditional method of being hardwired into the local exchange.  This means you can make and receive calls on your work’s landline number from anywhere that has an internet connection.”

“The major benefit of NFON is that your phone number is not at the mercy of the line entering your building, so even if the line is out of service, accidentally cut or something else, you can still make and receive calls as long as you have a connection to the internet.”

Jo-Ann continued “NFON also has a mobile application enabling you to use your works number from your mobile phone. Not only can you receive calls to your landline on your mobile, calls to the office can be transferred to your mobile number or you can divert all office calls to your mobile.  The person calling you will be dialling your works number, but you receive the call on your mobile.

The system is available for one phone, or 500+ so suits businesses of all sizes in all sectors and helps avoid scenarios where phone systems are down due to bad weather.  “If you have more than one office and the phone line goes down, NFON can help. We simply transfer calls from the closed office’s number to the one that is open and can do so in a matter of seconds” explained Jo-Ann “or we can transfer it to a person’s mobile phone if they are working from home.”

While NFON is certainly a game changer when dealing with telephone calls, Microsoft 365 (or MS365) can transfer the way your business works through its innovative, cloud-based technology.

“MS365 is a suite of services and applications from Microsoft that takes familiar software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook and places them in the cloud so they can be accessed from anywhere that has an internet connection,” said Jo-Ann.

“Combine this with OneDrive, an online storage system that keeps all your documents safe and secure in the cloud, and you can not only access emails and documents from anywhere, but you can also work on them too.”

This approach can allow staff to work from anywhere that has an internet connection. From home, coffee shops, on the road, even on holiday; the application can be downloaded to mobiles and tablets as well as laptops, so you don’t need to be “in the office” to work.

Not only does this enable staff to work from home if they are unable to get into the office due to the weather, but it also allows staff to work flexibly if there are other scenarios which prevent them from getting to the office.

Jo-Ann commented, “MS365 allows companies to create a more flexible work-life balance for staff and the ability to start a document remotely then pick it back up when you’re back in the office or share it with a colleague fosters a more efficient way of working.”

The cloud-based nature is also beneficial for those that work remotely or need immediate access to files. “A key feature users love is the ability to access documents or emails in real time. If you have ever been in a meeting and someone asks for a report, document or evidence of an email being sent, you will know the frustration of knowing it’s not to hand, but in the office on your computer. With MS 365, this is no longer the case.”

“By accessing the app on your phone, tablet or logging in online, you have immediate access to all emails, documents, presentations, reports and everything else your company works on, so no longer will you face the frustration of “not having it to hand”.

While NFON and Microsoft 365 may not be the answer for every business, they certainly are for the majority, and in situations such as inclement weather, you can be safe in the knowledge that even if your office or workplace needs to close, your business doesn’t.

For more information on NFON, Microsoft 365 and other cloud-based solutions, call Jo-Ann Miles on 01792 464748 or email [email protected].

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