Protecting Office 365

Thursday, 10 October 2019
Datto Backup

Office 365 has been a real gamechanger for businesses of all sizes.

Familiar applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more; all available on your smart-phone, tablet, laptop or PC means you can work form anywhere with connection to the internet.

As it’s cloud based, you can send and receive emails from anywhere on any device, and access emails and attachments sent weeks, months or even years ago directly from your phone, and the ability to work on a document or presentation with a colleague while you’re in different parts of the country (or world) has opened up a whole new way of collaborating.

And then there’s One Drive.

Cloud based storage for all your files, folders and documents meaning you can work on, amend or simply access anything you may need as if you were in the office.

All in all, it’s a powerful tool – until something goes wrong.

An astonishing 1 in 3 small businesses report losing data stored in cloud-based applications.

Not only can the loss of the data itself be devastating to a company, but the time lost in attempting a recovery can be equally damaging.

The truth is that even data in cloud-based applications is vulnerable to:

  1. End-user deletion, whether accidental or malicious
  2. Malware damage or ransomware attacks
  3. Operational errors such as accidental data overwrites
  4. Lost data due to cancelled user licenses
  5. Misconfigured application workflows

With more and more small businesses depending on Office 365 to run their daily operations, these risks are impossible to ignore. That means that best practices like data backup are just as important in the cloud.

So what can you do to protect your business?

Simple – SaaS protection for Office 365 by DATTO.

While Office 365 does include primitive restore capabilities for lost data, two major issues arise when using their tools: lost data and lost time, including:

  1. Data loss due to inactive licenses: As one would expect, an active Office 365 license is required to access 0365 data. Unfortunately, inactive or deprovisioned user data is permanently deleted, and there is no rollback option.
  2. Data loss due to permanent deletion: When a SharePoint Online administrator deletes a site collection, all data will be placed in the Recycle Bin where it is kept for 93 days. At that time it is automatically and permanently deleted, and there is no rollback option.
  3. Data loss when restoring files: When restoring older files from a SharePoint backup, the restore is targeted at the same URL. This means a restore overwrites whatever data currently exists in the site collection, and there is no rollback option.
  4. Time lost in restoring files: Contacting Microsoft Support for assistance with any data loss issue can be time consuming, and still may not result in restored files.

So why choose SaaS protection for Office 365 by DATTO?

Here are just some of the benefits:

  1. Point in Time Backups:
    1. Backups include daily snapshots of each Users data, allowing you to browse through a user’s account at a specific point in time. Avoid data loss from ransomware by restoring entire accounts to a designated point in time before an attack occurred.
  2. 3X/day backup:
    1. Rest easy with SaaS Protection’s automatic daily backups for Office 365’s Exchange Online, OneDrive, OneNote, SharePoint Online.
  3. On-demand backup:
    1. Perform additional backups as needed at any time. Running an on-demand backup will not affect your three regularly scheduled backups.
  4. Backup notifications:
    1. Get notifications at a glance, right on the dashboard, about all backup information.
  5. Infinite Retention:
    1. Store an unlimited amount of data in Datto’s private cloud, purpose-built for backup for no additional fees.


  1. OneDrive: All files (including OneNote) and folders with structure in tact.
  2. Contacts: All contact information*.
  3. Calendar: Events (including recurrence, attendees, notes), attachments and any calendars owned by your users.
  4. Mail: All emails, attachments, notes and folder structure.
  5. SharePoint: Primary, custom, group, and team site collections

*excludes photos.

So, if something does go wrong, you can easily avoid business downtime with a quick search and restore process, including:

  1. Quick and Painless Restore
  2. Non-destructive Restore: Restore data without overwriting existing files
  3. Item level restore: Retrieve data in the original format with file and label structure maintained in the backup.
  4. Retain user data: Save money and effort by automatically holding inactive users’ data after their 0365 license is deleted.
  5. Advanced search capabilities: Easily find data with the advanced search option and restore individual items or entire folders.

These are just some of the features included in the SaaS protection for Office 365 by DATTO and to arrange a chat with our team to see how it can protect your business, call Jo-Ann on 01792 464748 or email [email protected]

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