USB Speed Boost

Monday, 12 September 2022

We have been using the USB with our computers since 1996 and now even with mobile devices.

What would life look like without a USB? It would be difficult to connect devices, transfer data, as well as charging devices.

The USB has changed and developed over the years and there will be a new improvement due in the coming months.

What makes this change more enjoyable is that you won’t need to buy any new USB accessories and cables.

The USB promoter Group is the industry body which drives USB developments and have recently announced a planned release of the USB 4 2.0. Read on to find out.


So, what does this improvement mean?


It will allow you to double the speeds of data transfer on cables which you already have, if they aren’t too old! A couple of years old is fine.

It will increase performance up to 80GBps (gigabytes per second).

Ultimately it will result in displays performing better and data will be able to transfer faster. Boost the productivity within your business!

The Promoter Group of the USB consists of tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, HP, and Intel.

To meet the demands of the current market and to extend support for more platform types, the Group develop USB capabilities.

The update is expected on USB 4 2.0 sometime in November.

To boost productivity and performance in your business before the end of year, get in touch with us. We are always finding ways to make things faster in every business.  Call: 01792 464748




Published with permission from Your Tech Updates.

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