What we know about Windows 12 so far

Tuesday, 1 November 2022

What we know about Windows 12 so far

Although we won’t see Windows 12 operating until late 2024, we are excited to see what’s coming next. It is good to note that Windows 11 are celebrating its first birthday! Where has the time gone?

Microsoft are shy on details when revealing what they are planning but we have dived into the possibilities.

If research is correct here’s how it might look:

• Floating taskbar dock & search bar top centre position
• Widgets panel & Action Centre move to top of screen rather than the bottom

There were some frustrations when Windows 11 was launched due to the hardware properties and incompatibility of PCs. We expect Windows 12 won’t cause the same previous issues as more PCs have more compatibility.

Security hardware which is required by Windows 11 could likely increase in importance as Microsoft is focused on security.

A positive for Business users will be the reliability and stability along with being bug free as it’s been made a priority.

We look forward to hearing more from Microsoft about the updates in the coming months, and we will share what we learn.

Have you made the move to Windows 11 yet? or unsure on the change? At Pisys we can help with that. Get in touch!

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Published with permission from Your Tech Updates

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