Nobody likes to admit their password habits!

Do you find yourself repeating passwords to make it easier to remember? Then this ‘7am Tech Talks – Let’s Talk Passwords’ is for you.

So, what could really go wrong if we don’t update and check our password security?

Unfortunately… quite a lot!

If you spend little time working on your passwords regularly you can help protect yourself from having your money stolen.

Our 7am Tech Talk Interview today is with Jacob and Jason, the IT Experts!

What do you use to keep your logins secure?

Jacob, Technical Manager:

“I use Google Authenticator as my 2 factor authentication application (2FA) of choice, for two main reasons:

  1. Ease of use – The application is simple and easy to setup, offering QR code scanning to tie it into bits of software rather than the long and annoying text strings!
  2. The enhanced security features of the software.”
Why do you use Google Authenticator?

“The application is safe as it ties directly to my google (play store / app store) account and is tied behind other 2FA measurers. The app is also only accessible through my own mobile device which has biometric logins.”

Biometric logins:

  • Voice Recognition
  • Fingerprint Scanning
  • Facial Recognition
What features does Google Authenticator have?

“One of the key security features of the device is anti-screen mirroring protection. This means that other applications on the device can’t look into the screen of the application to look at 2FA codes – Very handy for stopping viruses or screen shots being taken of your 2FA codes.”

What changes have been made to Google Authenticator?

“A recent change they made is adding a tap to reveal option on the 2FA codes yourself, this keeps the codes hidden until you want to see them. This is another layer of protection; you would cover your pin code at an ATM and it should be no different for 2FA codes!”

What do you do if you forget your passwords?

“If I forget my passwords, I can still do normal passwords reset for the software in question. I would then need to use the 2FA code from my mobile device. This is a part of the reason why its advised to use 2FA. Easy to reset the passwords if you have legitimate access however difficult if you don’t have access to the 2FA codes.”

How will you know if your email has been hacked or compromised?

Jason, Help Desk Manager
“Have you been Pwned?
Check the website ‘Have I been Pwned?’ You can check to see if you need to change your privacy and security details.”