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Staff training is crucial for Cyber Essentials certification and insurance, fostering awareness of cyber risks and adherence to best practices. Well-trained employees prevent and respond to incidents effectively, reducing successful cyber-attacks. They grasp the importance of secure remote work and data protection, complying with regulations and building client trust. Cultivating a security-oriented culture ensures vigilant employees safeguarding company assets.

Regular training will keep your employees up to date with cybersecurity trends and enables continuous improvement. Emphasising staff involvement in cybersecurity efforts enhances overall security awareness and ensures the implementation of essential practices.

Discover our FREE 1–5-minute training videos covering cyber security, remote working, Microsoft 365, wellbeing, Windows 10 and 11, leadership, customer service, selling skills and more.

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How staff training plays a role in an achieving Cyber Essentials:

  • Awareness: Training enhances cyber risk awareness.
  • Best Practices: Equips staff with essential skills.
  • Incident Prevention: Identifying and stopping cyber incidents.
  • Incident Response: Effective and prompt response training.
  • Secure Remote Work: Ensuring cyber measures outside office.
  • Data Protection: Safeguarding sensitive data and privacy.
  • Culture of Security: Instilling security-oriented mindset.
  • Continuous Improvement: Ongoing training for cybersecurity progress.

Pisys care about keeping your business secure and advise that you encourage your staff to complete the free training provided below by The National Cyber Security Centre. It doesn’t take long, and you might be surprised what you learn.

We understand it can be challenging knowing where to begin with security as there are large volumes of security advice circulating online, our engineers break up the jargon and make it easy for businesses to follow.

The National Cyber Security Centre have highlighted some security issues within SME’s. Cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated in their attack approach and if your business or organisation hasn’t got the correct security measures in place, this can leave you vulnerable.

Complete the training and get in touch with us for further advice and solutions which we can put in place to make your IT security easy!

Complete the National Cyber Security Centre ‘Staying Safe Online – Top Tips For Staff’ here:

Staying Safe Online – Top Tips For Staff

Download the NCSC Stay Safe Online Staff Training infographic here.