Our values lay the foundations for what we care about, and are built on our customer relationships, staff, and services.

The technological ecosystem is forever growing and adapting to global changes, which is why it’s important to keep our customers’ business up to date and running smoothly.


We make IT easy by simplifying the tech talk and focussing on what matters, which is keeping your business up to date and running smoothly. We go straight to the point and don’t overcomplicate any information that gets communicated across. We are a team of people, not robots and less really is more.

Customer Care

We value our customers data and privacy and will ensure the highest-level of security measures are in place to protect you and your business from cyber criminals. With a focus on user experience, more than 97% of our customer problems are resolved remotely by our support team, who will ensure that you understand the issue and how it will be resolved.


You can pick and choose what you need with varying levels of antivirus and backup protection, emails, broadband and /or VoIP.  Pisys also manage projects in a cost effective and efficient manner, from the smooth migration into the cloud, to an effortless office move. Providing expert guidance for meeting Cyber Essential standards or managing a completely new infrastructure through our Infrastructure as a service, IaaS.

Peace of mind

Pisys can give you peace of mind by being future driven with security and safety being at the forefront of what we do. Stay up to date with the latest products available, such as AI, Artificial Intelligence that monitor your networks and identify threats more quickly than is humanly possible. Providing you with business continuity and reliability.

Fast response

We solve problems remotely and onsite to offer a maximum level of service agreement that suit your business requirements. We monitor your networks so we can identify a potential issue and is fixed before you know it’s an issue. 

Friendly & Honest

We are staff that care, and will be honest throughout, maintaining consistency of loyalty and trust. We see our customers as friends that we want to protect and look after, to ensure their business grows to reach new heights.

Values for Management

Management leads the way for innovative measures to enhance their business functionality and are responsible in finding new ways in which their business can develop and reach new heights. We understand how management should inspire their employees and clients.

Values for Staff

Professional and friendly, making IT easy

Our staff are the running experts of the company who provide advice and support remotely or at location.

Being at the centre of the business we offer equal opportunities for our valued staff as well as a 4-day working week to enhance employee wellbeing.

We believe in our staff and through our Shadow Board we listen and find solutions to help with employee development to make consistent improvements. Pisys has an open-door policy to make all employees feel comfortable in expressing their thoughts and healthy discussions. Aiming to boost morale we provide career progression, training opportunities, and employee wellbeing.

Continuous Professional Development and Lifelong Learning, consists of managing learning growth and using the correct techniques to develop skills with balance.