Why engineers say “turn it off & on again”

Published 2 years ago

Engineers often suggest turning a device off and then on again as a simple troubleshooting step because it can potentially resolve many technical issues. When a device is turned off, its memory is cleared and any temporary glitches or errors that may be causing a problem are erased. Turning the device back on allows it… Read more »

What is SaaS Protection?

Published 2 years ago

Is your data protected? SaaS, software as a service maintains, monitors, and protects your Cloud storage which maximises data protection, improves efficiency, and grows profits. If your data is in the cloud, it still requires protection to which our Pisys engineers can help with. Moving into the Cloud can be scary and challenging to some… Read more »

What is Business Continuity?

Published 2 years ago

Importance of Business Continuity Business continuity is the businesses level of readiness to maintain critical business functions after a major disruption or incidents. These events include power outages, security breach and incidents. Equipment and hardware failure as well as natural disasters. Downtime is not only disruptive to business continuity infrastructure but can also be costly… Read more »

What is a Disaster Recovery Policy?

Published 2 years ago

The benefits of preparing for the worst-case scenario Whether you run a big corporation or an SME; losing data is not only frustrating but could also mean lost revenue, so it pays to have a disaster recovery policy in place. Data loss can happen for a variety of reasons including accidental deletion, flood, or fire… Read more »

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