Is your data protected?

SaaS, software as a service maintains, monitors, and protects your Cloud storage which maximises data protection, improves efficiency, and grows profits.

If your data is in the cloud, it still requires protection to which our Pisys engineers can help with. Moving into the Cloud can be scary and challenging to some clients, but we can help make it a smooth process and take the weight off your shoulders with SaaS protection.

If a business decides they do not want protection, then the responsibility lies on them if the worst should happen.

SaaS protection for Office 365 allows the ability to scan, monitor and manage stats of security reporting and to help customers retrieve lost data. There are three reasons to lost files, from accidental, to malicious intent, and ransomware.

Working with Datto provides the added security and flexibility of recovering data and managing user activity.

At the start of the SaaS protection there will be an initial backup then followed by 3 daily backups which will become snapshots which can be tracked back to within the calendar.

Teams Recovery – The ability to recover content, conversations, and calendars

SharePoint Recovery – Able to migrate data to other sites if required

OneDrive Recovery – snapshot or selected items – and choose who it will be restored to along with managing shared mailboxes.

The secure collaboration between Datto and Pisys provides defence and protection through seamless deployment and management.

Once folders are restored, they will be organised with a date and stamp once sent through ensuring there is no overwrite, and lets the user know exactly what has been sent.

Can check for active or archived users, keeping up to date with monitoring activity.

Benefits of SaaS Protection:

  • Maximise protection
  • Improve efficiency
  • Grow profits
  • Infinite cloud data retention
  • Automated
  • Simple
  • Secure

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