Implement MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)

Published 2 months ago

If a criminal knew your address and had easy access to steal your keys from your pocket, it would not take much effort for them to steal your belongings. The more barriers you put in the criminals’ way, the harder you make it for them to break into your systems. Implement MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)

Tech Talk IT Jargon Buster

Published 3 months ago

Even a few words of a foreign language can prove to be immensely useful in an unfamiliar place. We recognise that many individuals find IT jargon to be an unfamiliar language, and therefore, we strive to limit our usage of technical terms when collaborating with our clients. Furthermore, you may already be dealing with a… Read more »

Email Security

Published 4 months ago

Your business email needs to be as secure as it can possibly be. It is essential for small companies to prioritize email security, as the impact of a cyber attack cannot be quantified solely in monetary terms. Such an attack can also lead to decreased productivity and a loss of confidence from customers. According to… Read more »

Want Faster Wi-Fi?

Published 6 months ago

We all want a faster working WiFi both at the office and when working from home. At Pisys we break down the WiFi talk and make IT easy! Speak to our engineers to discuss further options. Ensure remote working is productive and functional for your staff. Pisys can help correct and configure your set up… Read more »

Everything you need to know about password managers for your business

Published 7 months ago

Passwords… the dreaded thought of forgetting your password and repeating the same one for everything. Are you guilty of this? Pisys can help protect your data through increasing your security and adding another strong layer of protection against theft. We understand passwords can be an annoyance, so we are here to help! Heard of password… Read more »


Published 8 months ago

We wish we could provide tips on becoming a fishing pro, but we are here to discuss the other kind of ‘Phishing’ which harms over 80% of organisations worldwide. Phishing attacks appear in the form of any normal email, where cyber criminals attempt to gain your contact details. Learn more about Phishing attacks here! Phishing

How to get the perfect video call setup, whatever your budget

Published 9 months ago

On a budget? Have a challenging video call set up? Are you hard to see and hear? Pisys can help! Follow these tips to become professional. We have solutions based on a range of price categories to suit your business. Visuals and audio are crucial in today’s working environment where we now meet people over… Read more »


Published 10 months ago

All businesses look at ways they can grow, and with EOS you can improve how your business runs. Keep control of your business with Pisys where we can help support your business strategy, setting goals and initiatives. What is EOS? The Entrepreneurial Operating System, read more to find out! EOS

Burden on your brain?

Published 11 months ago

We aim to give our customers peace of mind in knowing their IT is looked after. You can reduce the burden on your brain by working and collaborating with us. Pisys can help you review scheduling, planning, workflows, and automation. Prevent digital interruptions and stay focused with Pisys support. Burden on your brain?

Digital IT transformation for your business?

Published 1 year ago

Thinking of moving your business towards digital transformation? Pisys can help your business grow and improve the experience for your customers through reviewing your technology. Customer experience and digitisation of the way we work has drastically changed over recent years. Not keeping up with the transformation can lead to loss of revenue and productivity. Digital… Read more »

Cloud Migration Strategy Checklist

Published 1 year ago

Do you know what the cloud is? We have all heard of it, but could you explain what it is? We can remove the jargon and help make it easy for you! Cloud-based services provide flexibility and freedom to scale your business. Increase security, become environmentally conscious, and improve disaster recovery with Pisys. Backup and… Read more »

The 7 KPIs for ROI from IT

Published 1 year ago

Make your IT an investment not an expense! At Pisys we understand company budgets, especially now more than ever it is important to put money in the right places. We focus on giving you excellent Return on Investment through our strategic technology plan review which investigates Key Performance Indicators. The 7 KPIs for ROI from… Read more »

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