How to RDP into a computer with your Azure AD credentials

Published 2 years ago

To use Remote Desktop to access an Azure AD joined computer, you will need to do the following: RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol, which is a protocol that allows a user to remotely access and control another computer. Azure AD stands for Azure Active Directory, which is a cloud-based directory and identity management service… Read more »

Microsoft’s Responsible Initiative on AI

Published 2 years ago

Microsoft is taking a responsible initiative position on AI Imagine an AI tool that could identify your mood on top of recognising facial features? Microsoft has decided to retire and to additionally rework on Artificial Intelligence tools. Some experts believe emotion recognition tools violate human rights. Azure Face is an emotion recognition tool which falls… Read more »

How to make sure your cloud server is protected

Published 2 years ago

Businesses using a cloud server to drive their technology is a good idea, and the benefits are big! Businesses have control over how much storage they can use which is handy for growing businesses and reduces the worry on limitations and huge bills.  Hybrid working has seen cloud servers benefit their working lifestyle with having… Read more »

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