Businesses using a cloud server to drive their technology is a good idea, and the benefits are big!

Businesses have control over how much storage they can use which is handy for growing businesses and reduces the worry on limitations and huge bills. 

Hybrid working has seen cloud servers benefit their working lifestyle with having access to data anywhere. 

You don’t need to make lots of space for your office to have big servers and other equipment, you just must make sure it is secured. 

Cloud servers are increasingly being used as a path to launch attacks by cyber criminals, a recent report showed. 

41% of hacked businesses revealed their cloud server was the method on how cyber criminals got in. 

This is rising 10% annually. 

You may be asking yourself why? It’s because companies don’t invest as much as they should into their cloud server security.

The saying goes ‘You get what you pay for’ and that couldn’t be more relative to technology today. Often free cloud servers can be less reliable and don’t provide the same quality of security. 

It’s important for your business to do full research when deciding on a cloud server to make sure it meets your bespoke requirements and to ensure it is as safe as possible. 

We can help you with the expert research and save you time. We can also recommend measures to monitor security standards. 

A tip from us is to give all your team a password manager and encourage them to create separate random long passwords for all logins they use. 

The main reason people use the same password is because they forget different ones, but password managers remember your passwords and will autofill your login details. Resulting in better security and saves you time. 

Go a step further and provide cyber security training for your team on a regular basis. Attackers target business emails. 

It is natural and good practice to always ask yourself “does this look right?” 

If you take these steps, it will lower your risk of cyber-attacks targeting you, and although its never possible to prevent attacks 100% you will also reduce your chances of suffering dramatically. 

We can advise you on which best cloud server fits your business. 

Get in touch with our friendly team! 

Published with permission from Your Tech Updates.