If you’re moving office in the coming year, congratulations!

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Are you moving office in 2023? Avoid the hassle – talk to us first! Whether you’re expanding, taking on your first office after starting your business at home, or switching areas, it’s an exciting time.

Whether you’re expanding, taking on your first office after starting your business at home, or switching areas, it’s an exciting time.

There is also so much to do to be ready on moving day. Think about the technological needs of your business and how the new office will accommodate them.

You’ll need to organise:

  • A switch-over of phone lines and your internet service
  • The setting up of your new IT network
  • The installation of printers and PCs
  • Insurance – don’t forget to do this before you move to ensure you’re covered
  • Any extra furniture you need for the new office
  • A change of address on all your marketing materials, including your letterheads, business cards, and your website
  • New signage and graphics for your office

Phew! That’s quite some project to manage, and these are only a handful of considerations.

Just thinking about it could make your head spin. Moving can be a stressful experience for everyone involved, and it is important to take steps to minimise these negative effects.

If everything isn’t in place on moving day, your business may lose money if customers can’t get hold of you to place orders and you could suffer a loss of productivity while you and your employees sort everything out.

Advanced planning will help you navigate this tricky transition; however, there is also one simple thing you could do to seriously cut the burden on you and your staff when it comes to the IT side of the move – involve Pisys from the start. Delegate many of the tasks to us, freeing up your time to focus on other important aspects of your business.

Why do you need our services?

The main reason is that we will manage the IT side of the move, so when you and your staff to arrive on the first day at your new office, your IT, phones and broadband are installed and fully operational, so all you need to do is log in and its business as usual.

How do we help?

We will manage the installation of phone lines and broadband, as well as cancel older lines. This is also a great time to upgrade connection speeds to get the most from your new office which we can arrange for you.

We will help coordinate the movement of your IT equipment from your old site to your new site, so everyone’s “desk” is ready for them.

Our engineers will set up your network, ready for it to be connected in advance of your arrival, so once your equipment is on site, we will “plug it in” and connect your phones, computers, etc. to the network.

On the day you move in, everything will be set up and working.

You will also have direct access to our IT support team, so if you do experience any teething problems, our engineers will either fix the problem remotely or will be onsite within a few hours.
Pisys can provide ongoing support for your business after the move, helping you troubleshoot any issues that may arise and providing ongoing maintenance and support for your IT systems.

Why choose Pisys?

We’re one of the leading outsourced IT providers in the UK, working with a wide range of clients from start-ups to businesses with multiple sites.

We have expert staff, and extensive experience across several sectors, UK-wide coverage, a fast and efficient service, and we deal with some of the world’s biggest names in technology including Dell, IBM/Lenovo, and Microsoft.

We are also an accredited Cyber Essentials Plus organisation and have retained our Microsoft Partner status for over 17 years thanks to our commitment to training our staff and the testimonials received from our clients.

Can we help you plan your office move in 2023?
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