In the business technology world, safeguarding your data is vital. Pisys addresses connectivity gaps through robust solutions like Cloud Hosting, Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS), Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS), Broadband Security and Data Centre Services.

Cloud Hosting and Broadband Security

Cloud hosting represents a computing service utilising internet capabilities to manage data, applications and resources on remote servers. If you are focused on advancing broadband and refining business operations, cloud hosting is instrumental, offering scalable access to diverse services. It promotes seamless connectivity, enabling real-time collaboration and remote data access for enhanced operational efficiency. Crucially, cloud hosting addresses broadband security concerns by centralising storage and backup, minimising risks tied to local server vulnerabilities. This technology aligns with the overarching objective of optimising broadband services, facilitating swift and dependable data transfer, thereby bolstering the overall success of for your businesses.

Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS): Ensuring Data Availability

Pisys understands the necessity of constant data availability. BaaS provides a Cloud Storage for Always-On Recovery. This solution grants full control over multi-tenanted storage platforms, enabling the delivery of individualised backup services with complete control.

Pisys presents a secure cloud infrastructure for seamless management of customer backups for both on-prem and cloud data. Customers can dip into cloud waters with BaaS securing off-prem data, fully managed by Pisys. Data Assurance is achieved by aligning managed backup services with industry regulations and data compliance, ensuring data continuity. Pisys provides Cloud Control by easily flexing pooled storage, responding to customer needs with the true power of cloud cost control.

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS): Protect Anything and Recover Anywhere

Traditional disaster recovery solutions can be expensive and challenging. Pisys revolutionises DRaaS with Zerto technology, providing an ideal platform for your managed DR services. This infrastructure assures ISO27001 compliance, instilling confidence in customers embracing multiple managed cloud services.

Pisys Services offer full DR orchestration to customers, monetising full recovery services and producing customised DR plans. Cloud Mobility is facilitated to migrate and test other cloud environments, engaging in the customer digital transformation process. Data Integrity is maintained by mitigating disasters and integrating with planned disruptions, providing partners with adaptability for system upgrades and patching.

Data Centre Services: Cost-Effective and Secure Colocation

Pisys and Zen offer Colocation as a cost-effective and secure solution for hosting IT infrastructure. Pisys provides high capacity, flexible connectivity and a range of features, ensuring optimal service and expertise.

Pisys offer you the ability to Stay in Control, where you retain full control over servers with a remote hands service and 24/7 facility access. Always Available is achieved through a 100% power availability SLA, ensuring constant access with multiple redundant high-speed connections. Cost savings are made possible by paying a monthly cost based on space, power and bandwidth requirements, reducing or eliminating additional costs. Service and Expertise are provided by our team of skilled network, technical and security experts available 24/7 for comprehensive support.

Bridging Connectivity Gaps for Ultimate Protection

In conclusion, Pisys’s Data Security Assurance services empower businesses to bridge connectivity gaps and protect their invaluable information through innovative solutions in Cloud Hosting, BaaS, DRaaS and Data Centre Services. Pisys ensures that businesses can confidently navigate the digital landscape with resilient and efficient data security solutions.