Network speeds play a pivotal role in determining operational efficiency and success. This blog delves into the importance of network speeds, guiding businesses on how to assess their current internet speeds, the implications of outdated networks and how Pisys Broadband offers future-proof solutions to propel operations forward.

Assessing Your Network Speeds

Before addressing the challenges of obsolete network speeds, it’s crucial to understand your current internet speed. Various online tools can help you check your speed, considering both download and upload speeds. Pay attention to latency and consistency, as these factors significantly impact your overall internet experience.

Recommended Websites for Speed Tests (UK):

Speedtest by Ookla: A popular and widely used speed test tool, providing accurate measurements for download and upload speeds.

Broadband Speed Checker: Offers a straightforward interface to assess your broadband speed and provides additional information about your connection.

ThinkBroadband: Provides a comprehensive speed test tool with detailed graphs and data, allowing users to track their connection performance over time.

Benchmark Figures for Efficient Connectivity:

Download Speed: For a seamless online experience, aim for a download speed of at least 25 Mbps. This ensures quick loading of web pages, smooth streaming and efficient file downloads.

Upload Speed: To support activities like video conferencing and uploading large files, a minimum upload speed of 5 Mbps is recommended.

Latency/Ping: A low latency or ping is crucial for real-time activities like online gaming and video conferencing. Aim for a ping below 20 milliseconds for optimal performance.

Consistency: Consistency is key for a reliable internet connection. Look for minimal variations in speed during the test, ensuring a stable and uninterrupted online experience.

By regularly using these recommended speed test tools and comparing your results against benchmark figures, you can gain valuable insights into the efficiency of your network speeds. This proactive approach empowers you to identify potential issues early on and make informed decisions about enhancing your broadband options for improved business operations.

Implications of Outdated Networks

Obsolete network speeds can hinder business operations in several ways. From sluggish data transfer and communication delays to compromised access to cloud-based resources, slow networks affect productivity and competitiveness. Recognising the signs of outdated speeds is the first step towards overcoming these challenges.

How Pisys Broadband Can Help Future-Proof Operations:

Ultra-Fast Connectivity: Pisys Broadband offers cutting-edge technologies like FTTP and, providing ultra-fast speeds that position businesses at a competitive advantage.

Cloud Hosting Options: Pisys provides cloud hosting services, ensuring seamless access to cloud-based applications for efficient data storage, collaboration and business operations.

Scalable Solutions: With scalable options like Ethernet leased lines, Pisys accommodates the evolving needs of growing businesses, ensuring they stay ahead in the digital race.

Where Network Speeds Improve Business Operations

Seamless Communication: Ultra-fast network speeds enable real-time communication among employees, fostering collaboration and boosting overall productivity.

Efficient Cloud Services: Businesses leverage ultra-fast connectivity for efficient use of cloud-based applications, facilitating seamless data storage, collaboration and business operations.

Competitive Advantage: Position your business at a competitive advantage by offering faster and more reliable services to clients and customers.

When to Investigate Improvements in Broadband Options

Regularly evaluating your business’s broadband needs is essential. Consider investigating improvements in broadband options when experiencing:

  • Slow data transfer and download/upload speeds.
  • Frequent network outages impacting productivity.
  • Growing business demands requiring scalable solutions.
  • Standoffs with Sir Spinny.

In conclusion, future-proofing operations involves recognising the critical role of network speeds, assessing your current situation and making informed decisions to stay ahead in the digital business world. Pisys Broadband offers tailored solutions, ensuring your business thrives with ultra-fast connectivity and scalable options to meet evolving needs.