Working remotely & on the go

Working remotely can open security risks, especially with free Wi-Fi in public spaces. For remote working to continue in the long run it is important to keep the business secure.

With more staff working remotely and travelling to locations there is more reason to educate employees on the risks and measures of using public Wi-Fi and the safety precautions to consider. Ask yourself, is public Wi-Fi safe to use?

It has been a growing trend of the ability to work in public spaces such as cafés and social places. Having the tech to be able to work from anywhere has also had staff working on trains and other public transport that offers public Wi-Fi.

Public Wi-Fi can be handy when data is cut short but is it safe to use?

The biggest location of Wi-Fi risk is in airports as cyber criminals are prepared and ready to gain access into your data and get into your funds. Free Wi-Fi is sometimes known for having non secure public servers. This does not apply to all Free Wi-Fi’s but is good practice to be aware of the risks and to be cautious of cyber criminals. At Pisys we can help educate your staff on best remote working practices and how to stay secure no matter where you’re working.

Businesses travelling for site visits and events are having to stay in hotel accommodations which can have Free Wi-Fi available for convenience.

Coworking spaces

New companies are arriving offering coworking spaces closer to home which are helping meet the demand for employee flexibility as well as reducing occupancy rates for businesses. If your staff are going down the route of working in coworking spaces, be sure to ask about the public Wi-Fi security. The new adaptive workspaces help meet the requirements of professional friendly settings for staff to carry out virtual meetings with good acoustics.

Coworking spaces could help with employee retention and maintaining the sense of social wellbeing within a working environment and network.

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