Making IT easier to work and collaborate on the go.

Microsoft has re-defined computing with its 365 software. Enabling streamlined connectivity online and via 4G and WiFi, you are never more than a click away from emails, documents, files, and your customer data.

Pisys provides Microsoft Office 365 support to companies across the UK.

The working practices of most businesses in the UK have changed considerably over recent years. Mobile communication through phones, tablets, and laptops, allowing businesses and customers to interact with products and services fulfilled from almost anywhere on the planet.

Businesses that have embraced this mode of working have seen the benefits of accessing emails, documents, and files “on the go” whilst businesses that retain all information on a central computer may lose out as consumers demand a faster response time from suppliers.

How does it work?
Whether you are in a meeting and need to access an email that was sent a few months ago or talking to a potential client and need access to a file to demonstrate how your company can meet their requirements; a cloud-based system can make a noticeable difference to your company.

Using the same, familiar software that you use on a laptop or desktop such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, Microsoft packages are accessible as and when you need them.

Combined with OneDrive, the Microsoft Office 365 solution allows you to work on a document remotely then pick up where you left off when you’re back in front of a computer and with multi-gigabyte storage options, you can keep and access all files in the cloud.

Microsoft Office 365 Solutions include:

  • Latest versions of familiar Microsoft Office programmes (Outlook, Word, Excel, Etc.)
  • Usable on Android and Apple devices as well as laptops and PCs
  • Installation and set up including emails
  • Integration with existing Microsoft programmes

Key benefits include:

  • Automatic Upgrades of Software
  • Access files and data from any enabled device with connectivity anywhere in the world
  • Multi gigabyte storage options
  • From only a few pounds per user per month

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