Is hybrid working the future?

Staff are returning to the office after working from home and there are some mixed feelings. Does your business have the right technology in place to allow flexible working options for your staff?

At Pisys we can help adapt your business environment and requirements to enable remote and hybrid working for your staff. We can also help make returning to the office and easy transition.

With updated technology and IT solutions, Pisys will conduct a site survey to analyse what is the best match for your business.

Pisys can supply Datto remote Monitoring and Management to your IT infrastructure to maintain your business productivity and security.

Returning to the office divide

We understand there is a divide between staff viewpoints on returning to the office for work. With some looking forward to getting back to office environments and socialising in person with work colleagues, others have adapted strongly to working remotely and enjoy the benefits of home working.

It is essential to have the correct tools and tech in place to allow for staff flexibility. We have seen first-hand the advance in technology in recent years to accommodate the new work-life balance. Without providing your staff with the right tools can lead to productivity loss and lack of professionalism.

Not only can our engineers help maintain your business changes with installations, support, and affordable solutions, but we also have monthly guides which include news and advice on achieving your staff and business futureproofing goals.

Trust & paranoia

A common theme for businesses adapting to remote working has been trust and paranoia between business owners and staff.

Some workplaces feel paranoid when working from home, worrying that their boss may have doubts in their productivity levels. With the correct technological tools allowing for communication between colleagues, strong connections, and professional setups, workplaces have the opportunity to build trust and employee wellbeing.

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