A cyber security attack is a strategic malicious manoeuvre made by hackers to compromise data and gain access to sensitive data.

Cybercriminals use different methods such as malware, phishing, ransomware, and more to breach privacy through computer systems and networks.

Cyber attacks can be damaging for the reputation of companies and individuals and can jeopardise the safety and stability of a company’s day to day running.

Cyber criminals target companies of all shapes and sizes. Often smaller companies or organisations believe they might not be a target and therefor don’t have high levels of cyber security, leaving them vulnerable to attacks.

Cyber-attacks can be subtle

You may not notice them, it could come in the shape of an email with a link and form attached, or it could be a dramatic method where systems crash and data gets held in ransom, resulting in your business to stop running instantly.

The attackers will look for loopholes in your IT infrastructure as well as targeting individual staff members in the hope they will unknowingly leak sensitive information.

They can be disruptive and destructive both short and long term in reputation. Financial and reputational loss can be a challenge to bounce back from in business development and future opportunities.

Confidence loss is also another factor for business owners, but with the right security measures and a strong strategy they can succeed in a secure business.

Take back control of your IT security

Get in touch with one of our engineers to find out more on how you can reduce the chances of facing a cyber security attack.

At Pisys we can monitor your IT security, and can prevent potential attacks from happening, as well as teaching you how you can spot malicious content. Acting now instead of after an attack can futureproof the security of your business.