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Be aware of cyber hijacking. All businesses are at risk of facing data risk through malicious actions by cybercriminals. Hackers are breaking into business emails to cause damage and gain control over information.

Cyber Hijacking threatens computer systems by taking over IT infrastructure which can cause damage to communications via the network. They can spy and control with malicious intent, conducting harmful actions posing as you, and ultimately gaining access into your bank accounts.

The list of risks is endless once they gain control, even them having the ability to install malware. We understand this can be scary and daunting as you, as a business owner will have no control over your computer systems. You can change that by reaching out for higher standards of cyber security. Pisys can help you take back control so that you are reinforced in protecting your data and to reduce your risk of facing a cyber hijack.

There are 7 variations of cyber hijacking which consist of:

Browser, session, page, IP (Internet Protocol), domain & domain name system (DNS), and clipboard.

9 out of 10 times the access entry point is the same, which is an email account which has been compromised in some way. This might be a result from a click onto a dodgy link by a staff member who isn’t cyber aware.

As an IT support company that focuses on business continuity, we see many businesses thinking they aren’t at risk of a cyber hijack. Unfortunately, they are wrong.

Cyber hijackers target all sized companies and carry out millions of offences each year.

The good news is you can start the process of eliminating cyber threats by gaining understanding and knowledge on cyber security. By finding solutions, you must start with how they gain access which can be through phishing and password vulnerabilities.

At Pisys we want to help you protect your business and give you the confidence to defend your valuable data. This becomes easy once you learn how. We can break down the tech talk and make IT easy to understand.

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