Remote IT support is now more relevant to today’s climate than ever before, from the pandemic following onto hybrid and remote working. Pisys offer both onsite and remote IT support to meet your business requirements. However, with 97% of problems resolved remotely you can have peace of mind knowing we can sort your IT issues out quickly.

Remote Helpdesk 

Our remote helpdesk ensures you can speak directly to a friendly member of our team who are experienced Microsoft certified engineers. The service is also open Monday-Friday from 7:30am to 5:30pm.

All businesses are different, and at Pisys we understand each deserves its own personalised support. With your permission to let our engineers gain remote access to your PC, they can control and fix your issue, and will communicate with you to put confidence back into your IT.

Remote IT support is also a handy service for rural businesses who might be more of a challenge to reach from having remote access, breaking down the barriers on distance so you can resume business as normal with our remote support.

Although our team enjoy adventuring across the UK to assist onsite and will happily do so if you prefer, they can also fix majority of issues from Pisys base which takes away potential hours of downtime.

Our team can communicate with you through telephone diagnostics to talk you through simple checks which often lead to solving the problem immediately.

“Help provided over the phone using online tools to remote control user’s computers in order to see and address the problem.  Requests for help can be raised by phone, email, or the website.  It also includes central management of routine maintenance from afar such as Windows security updates, antivirus, firewalls, encryption, and other security policies.” – Leia

Our friendly team of engineers can answer any questions you have with remote IT support and how it can benefit your organisation.

Call: 01792 464748