What does SaaS Defence do?

Software as a Service Defence is an advanced threat protection to prevent threats from occurring which is shared in the cloud.

SaaS Defence is Software as a Service defence which is advanced threat protection with spam filtering solutions. A monthly subscription for software such as Microsoft 365 developed by security experts to stop zero-day threats!

What is zero-day threat?

A zero-day threat and attack look to expose vulnerabilities within hardware and software.

It detects and prevents zero-threats which means zero-day threat which is not disruptive to clients. It also defends against malware, phishing, and business email compromise (BEC). The attacks are targeting Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange, and Microsoft 365 which can compromise your businesses hybrid working.

Silent Detection is an automated response in dealing with viruses and cyber security threats.

Benefits of SaaS Defence

Fast delivery, less disruption, more long-term savings as there are no software licenses to purchase and works off subscription to software applications and improves business reliability and continuity.

Think about what security means for your business and get in touch with us to discuss requirements and we can then offer tailored solutions on layered security measures.

Be ahead of the competition and keep your business safe from cyber threats, growing your reputation and trust to your customers.

We are now working in a less traditional way due to the advance in hybrid working, and as an IT support company we have seen the rise in security risks and threats facing businesses with new advanced and sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Phishing is the original start of gaining access which often leads to ransomware threats.

We want to protect your business and make IT easy for you and your business environment.

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