BT Openreach Announcement

BT Openreach have announced by 2025 old analogue PSTN and ISDN services will be switched off by 2025. Find out if the Big Switch Off will affect you and your business.

By 2025 old analogue PSTN, public switched telephone networks are to move to a fully digital network. The Big Switch Off will also include unavailability of ISDN, Integrated Services Digital Network after 2023 which means technology prior will completely become switched off by 2025.

Does the Big Switch Off affect you?

You can find out if this change will affect your telecommunications by knowing if your business is using a copper line and if anything is running off its infrastructure.

You can skip the hassle and be ready for the change with the support from Pisys. By switching early, you can save further on costs, increase scalability, and offers multitasking for staff, as well as skipping the que in switching further down the line.

How you can start

Check what else is using your voice line: other than phone calls, you can check what else is running, such as:

  • Door entry systems
  • Alarms
  • Lift emergency lines
  • Cash machines
  • Payment terminals

You can also check the strength of your internet connection and consider your hybrid working environments to obtain sufficient broadband.

Once you have made these simple checks, give our team a call on: 01792 464748 and we can help you smoothly transition into the future without hassle or stress.

Benefits of VOIP, voice over internet protocol can enhance business productivity, connection, VOIP and can save costs. Check our VOIP page to find out more on the benefits of switching.

How businesses work has changed in recent years, resulting in the requirement and accessibility of changing outdated systems to modern solutions, enabling staff to make calls from anywhere.

Terms to look out for in the Big Switch Off & what they mean

  • FTTP – Fibre to the premises
  • SIP Trunks – Internet phone lines for modern traditional phone systems
  • ISDN2 & ISDN30 – Digital phone line
  • Single Line – Standard phone lines
  • SOGFAST – An ultrafast version of SOGEA
  • SOGEA – Provides standard broadband, with no need for a landline
  • SOTAP – Copper interim solution for areas where no fibre products are present.

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