BT Are Phasing Out Voice Calls On Phone Lines – Is Your Business Ready?

Thursday, 3 October 2019
BT phasing out

For those of you of a certain age, you will remember the BT advert of the 1990s with Bob Hoskins uttering the famous phrase “It’s good to talk.”

Well, while it certainly is still “good to talk”, telephones have come a long way since the ’90s, but the phone lines they use have not, which is why BT is phasing out ISDN / PSTN lines in favour of cloud-based telephone systems.

PSTN is a traditional phone line, which allows you to make calls, and it provides internet services. It is the voice aspect of PSTN that BT plans to shut down.

ISDN allows the simultaneous delivery of both voice and data services, but at much slower speeds compared to our latest broadband services.

ISDN and PSTN are outdated technologies that are simply not as good as modern VoIP.

What are the changes, and how will this affect my business?

As of 2020, you will not be able to purchase a new ISDN line for your business, so if your existing phone system is ISDN based and you open new premises and want to link the new system to the old (ISDN), you will not be able to.

Then, from 2025, all support for ISDN will go, so if you have phone line issues, BT will not be able to help.

So what will replace ISDN / PSTN

The recent investment in the UK communications network has made the new superfast fibre internet infrastructure widely available and affordable to small businesses. This means internet, or IP based solutions such as VoIP are the top alternatives for businesses.

What is VoIP

VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is a cloud-based telephony solution which moves your whole phone system online, so all your calls are sent over your internet connection.

This digital cloud-based phone system offers a wide range of additional features such as call recording, receiving voicemails via email, call queuing and unified communications – being able to access the system on multiple devices such as a mobile, tablet and desktop.

So why should I move to VoIP before 2025?

If you’re planning on upgrading your phone system and settle on an ISDN based system, you’ll only have five years before you may need to reinvest in a completely new system.

If you move to VoIP now, not only are you ahead of the curve when the changes come in, but you can experience so many of the benefits of VoIP early on, such as:

  1. Huge savings – Up to a 78% reduction in costs compared to ISDN due to cheaper calls and no more expensive line rental.
  2. Wide range of telephone numbers to choose from – choose a memorable new number or transfer your existing one.
  3. Greater flexibility – Move anywhere in the UK and simply plug back into the internet with no need to change numbers.
  4. Internal calls are free, regardless of location – you can even transfer from the office to a mobile phone free of charge
  5. Faster installation – No more waiting for an engineer to install physical lines means you get connected faster.
  6. Future proof – your phone system is always up to date
  7. Higher resiliency – Multiple fibre lines can be installed providing an automatic backup, so you’re always connected.
  8. Rolling 30-day contracts – no long term tie-in
  9. Advanced features – Increased control, integration and analytics offers a vast range of new and advanced features.
  10. Answer calls from anywhere with broadband – allowing you to work remotely more freely.

What do I need to do next?

Simple – arrange a free phone-system review with our team.

We will look at your business; it’s phone bills, current and potential phone usage then outline the VoIP packages we offer that best fits your needs.

Even if you use BT or another phone provider, by arranging a review with us, you’ll have a cost comparison if nothing else.

To arrange your review and protect your business before the phase-out begins, call 01792 464748 or email [email protected]



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