Do you know the duration of time that your business must be restored after a disaster or disruption, to avoid unacceptable consequences associated with a break in business continuity?

Do you know how much it costs your business for every hour of downtime?

Have you considered the cost of halting operations, lost sales, compliance penalties, missed deadlines, lost data, potential litigation, and reputational damage?

Business continuity planning will provide a strategy to support key activities during an emergency. Business owners are driven to be cost-conscious and to discover growth opportunities whilst protecting business data.

All businesses sizes are at risk of cyber-attacks. Some small businesses believe they won’t be a target to criminals due to the size and nature of their business, leaving them vulnerable to attack as they do not put the correct safety measures in place.

Become forward thinking in your business IT infrastructure and be safe by protecting your businesses’ sensitive data and critical information. Business continuity means access to data no matter what happens. Protecting against costly downtime by keeping systems up and running.

Does your business have a business continuity plan in place?
We can help support you by conducting a FREE risk assessment that goes beyond IT solutions and will display results on the best measures of modern quick responding cloud solutions, which can be adapted and customised to your business.

Data protection needs more attention
Small disasters can come from bad habits such as your staff logging into public Wi-Fi when out and about.

Downtime can have different impacts on different companies, varying in the value of data lost over time. Some companies may feel they can afford to lose some data over a short time, where others will feel like every second of data is crucial.

Each department or staff member could have a different current backup approach whether it be physical or virtual, which could result in different timings of being able to access data.

Downtime comes with challenges:

  • Lost data
  • Lasting negative impact
  • Lost business
  • High costs – Not affordable
  • Loss of reputation and client trust
  • Backup alone isn’t enough

There is good news! And it comes in the name of BCDR, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery which eliminates downtime.

Time is money!

You can measure the costs of your business downtime from answering simple 10 questions which will calculate results and show a cost comparison page between your current downtime costs vs BCDR costs based on the hours of downtime.

Link to Calculator HERE

Benefits of BCDR

  • Reduced restoration times limit revenue losses, technical expenditure, and legal liability.
  • Continuation of critical processes eliminate downtime
  • Safeguarding your business reputation as data losses will damage your corporate image
  • Customer retention by providing consistent service with no waiting for issued to be fixed
  • Increased Employee satisfaction knowing business information is secure from daily backups
  • Protection from system failure of servers or hardware – these things happen
  • Shielding from natural disasters that cannot be predicted but could cause data loss
  • Peace of mind knowing your protected from increasingly active cybercriminals

Downtime has gone up 486% since 2018, ask yourself how long can you be without your data? How much will downtime cost you each hour.

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