“Pisys have been fantastic, knowledgeable and make things easy to understand. They always spoke at an understandable level; they made me understand what was going on. I had every confidence in them right from the word go, they were very reassuring.” – Michelle

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The Challenge

The formation of the Sight Life base, required a new office, starting from scratch needing new equipment to ensure communications were not disrupted.

It is important for those with sight impairment to have 24/7 contact methods to communicate through the charity.

With a more local focused approach to the charity and continuing after the pandemic, Sight Life is looking ahead to getting their name back out there, engage with more people, digital interactions, going back to the roots of traditional fundraising, and the ultimate goal of independence for individuals.

Progression of ideas to develop such as the befriending support ‘Buddy help’ where trustworthy volunteers can buddy up with a member to help assist on leisure activities and day-to-day tasks.

Continuation of newsletters and phone calls to keep in contact with 3,250 members, not including the support Sight Life provide to family and friends of members.


“During the pandemic we saw the term twice/thrice isolation because we felt members already isolated due to their conditions. In terms of what technology can offer people, it has been a godsend for us during the pandemic. To become more resilient by using Zoom or Teams provides a safety blanket.”


“The pandemic shook the World and highlighted key areas we can be thankful for, but also what key areas need to be worked on for the future. To be able to use their technology to communicate has been essential.”


The Pisys Solution

Pisys helped Sight Life with a new office set up, sourcing technology that will enhance the day to day running, letting the charity stay productive on Teams and SharePoint documents.

Providing personalised VOIP (voice over internet protocol) and a whole office refit, along with mobile phones which had large buttons to fit requirements.

To find a solution to source the unique phones, Pisys undertook the challenge of searching for digital phones with large buttons as there isn’t a large market for them.

To achieve the result Pisys sourced large button standard phones and, took them into the office where the Pisys team added an adapter to the back of the phones and then reconfigured them to make them digital and fit for purpose.

The new set up sourced by Pisys also consisted of PCs, laptops which are best suited to those who are visually impaired.

Alongside the set up they also received networking, broadband, and connectivity solutions.

Small to medium charities can get 300 free email addresses, and 10 business premium licenses with Office 365, and can get further discounts to follow.

Distributing Bitdefender security keeps the charity safe from threats and their funds safe from criminals.

MPS (Managed Print Service) helps businesses minimise costs on toner through automated tracking. Pisys supplied Sight Life with a MPS printer solution to achieve this goal.

Pisys Service

Carrying out site surveys, consultations, and full reports builds transparency with customers, and provides peace of mind.

After this process Pisys can then give recommendations which will futureproof the business, which will follow onto the 2nd consultation to discuss quotes and ROI so the charity can justify spending.

Finally came delivery and set up, but Pisys services don’t end there. The team are on hand to help afterwards to support further.

Did we make IT easy?

“Pisys.net have been fantastic, knowledgeable and make things easy to understand. They always spoke at an understandable level; they made me understand what was going on. I had every confidence in them right from the word go, they were very reassuring. Any minor hiccup, a quick call to Martyn (Solutions Specialist) and everything was sorted.”


“Absolutely fantastic service and a seamless transition. The new system has worked really well for us. Sensitive data was preserved, and the unique nature of the data service was mirrored nicely across, and it works! Pisys.net offered bespoke solutions and could tweak solutions.”

Smiles are the reward.

The Outcome

Telephone Groups

Sight Life’s telephone groups are the popular service and now they have an easier system to use with the work from Pisys with better functionality.

“It’s easier with the new system that we’ve got, people to dial into, rather than manually dialling a number”


By connecting on group chats, telephone groups, and online activities it is empowering members through activities and to get together even when it’s not in person. Craig and Keir at Site Life provide online help to members using devices, so that they don’t give up on technology and their phones that could potentially improve their lifestyle.

Further information on Site Life can be found on www.sightlife.wales

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