Pisys have worked with Peter Lynn and Partners for over ten years, helping to protect and secure the data security and IT infrastructure of solicitor requirements.

The Challenge

Peter Lynn and Partners chose Pisys to help them achieve Cyber Essentials to work with government. Cyber Essentials helps gain client trust due to the high volumes of sensitive information.

The Pisys Solution

The Pisys team achieved Peter Lynn and Partners cyber security goals by helping with the creation of policy procedures and recommending technical changes.

Recommended technical changes consisted of no local admins, 2FA web portal logins, no open ports, password complexity, internet policy procedures, questioned processes for company which was supported through Pisys guidance. Pisys engineers facilitate the role of IT managers for customers helping to translate and explain in a business aspect.

Meeting with Peter Lynn and Partners was the first point of the project to discuss goals and to make decisions on where to start.

Replacing end of life equipment was the first step in the right direction for the project to be a step closer to achieving the Cyber Essentials certification.

Other actions taken were patching through Windows and 3rd parties, making required network changes, and implementing changes covering all grounds.

Following on from these actions Pisys guarantee Cyber Essential certification.

To ensure security is continuously at a high standard Pisys manage the antivirus, ensuring it’s up to date.

Benefitting from the Cyber Essential certification provides customers with trust and enhances company growth through contracts and tenders. The certification improves cyber security measures and follows best practices. Pisys made IT easy for Peter Lynn and Partners through implementing an anti-ransomware policy to stop any outsiders downloading software. Making sure software is only installed by approved individuals limits the risks of outsiders seeing or downloading malicious software.

The Outcome

After service support includes annual renewal of Cyber Essentials and maintenance through Datto tools to manage policies with control changes. Staff training is available on request covering common cyber threats to be aware of, these training sessions can be done virtually via Teams or a premade online portal.

“I have used Pisys for many years and have always been highly satisfied with all of their services. I recommend them to everyone who needs cost effective and skilled IT and cyber advice.”

Peter Lynn, Owner of Peter Lynn and Partners

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