Pisys recently migrated Rope and Sling to Microsoft Azure and ensured the process went smoothly. Rope and Sling (RSS) is a well-known supplier of lifting gear and other innovative product solutions available for purchase or rental. Pisys completed the first site survey in 2017 and has continued to work closely with Rope and Sling to ensure that their IT needs are fully met.

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The Challenge

Rope and Sling Specialists Ltd (RSS) faced significant challenges before their migration to Microsoft Azure. They encountered recurrent downtimes that disrupted their operations, resulting in reduced productivity. Additionally, the need for frequent physical upgrades proved to be inefficient, costly, and time-consuming. These issues had a significant impact on RSS’s profitability and overall business performance. Seeking a reliable and sustainable solution, RSS aimed to eliminate downtime and enhance their operational efficiency.

The Pisys Solution

The migration to Microsoft Azure and the comprehensive IT support provided by Pisys enabled Rope and Sling Specialists Ltd (RSS) to overcome their challenges and achieve a successful transition. The solution implemented by Pisys involved the following steps:

Step 1: Assessing IT Needs and Requirements
Pisys conducted a thorough assessment of RSS’s IT infrastructure, understanding their specific needs and requirements. This analysis helped Pisys develop a tailored solution that would address RSS’s challenges effectively.

Step 2: Migration to Microsoft Azure
Pisys expertly facilitated the migration process to Microsoft Azure. This involved transferring RSS’s applications, data, and systems to the Azure cloud platform. Pisys ensured a smooth and seamless transition, minimising disruptions to RSS’s operations.

Step 3: Hardware Setup and Configuration
Pisys’s team of skilled engineers set up the necessary hardware components in-house. This approach reduced the time required for hardware deployment on-site. Throughout the process, Pisys’s helpdesk provided continuous support, guiding RSS and addressing any technical issues or concerns.

Step 4: Implementation of Security Measures
To ensure maximum security for RSS’s IT infrastructure, Pisys implemented the latest next-gen firewall by Cisco Meraki. This firewall solution offered multi-layered security protocols, safeguarding RSS’s data and systems against potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Step 5: Integration of Office 365
Pisys set up Office 365 for RSS, enabling them to leverage a suite of productivity tools and enhance collaboration among their workforce. The integration of Office 365 streamlined communication, document sharing, and project management, boosting overall efficiency and productivity.

Step 6: Ongoing IT Support and Monitoring
Pisys continue to provide RSS with comprehensive IT support, including managed antivirus, broadband, VOIP, cloud servers, infrastructure, and backups. The team remain vigilant, continuously monitoring the IT systems to identify and resolve any issues promptly. Pisys’s proactive approach ensure that RSS’s IT infrastructure operate smoothly and efficiently.

By following these steps, Pisys successfully enabled RSS to migrate to Microsoft Azure and implemented a robust IT solution that addressed their challenges effectively.

The Outcome

The migration to Microsoft Azure, facilitated by Pisys, yielded significant positive outcomes for RSS. Hardware failures and costly downtimes were significantly reduced, resulting in enhanced productivity. RSS also experienced cost savings on electrical bills since the new servers were designed to optimise energy usage. Azure’s pay-as-you-go model allowed RSS to only pay for the resources they utilised, providing flexibility and scalability as the business expanded.

Moreover, the migration to Azure improved RSS’s business resilience. With the new system, RSS could continue running their operations smoothly even in the event of an outage or disaster at a single location. This streamlined their operations, saved costs, and made them more resilient in the face of unexpected events. Furthermore, the implementation of Office 365 enhanced RSS’s productivity and efficiency, empowering their workforce to collaborate seamlessly.

In conclusion, the collaboration between RSS and Pisys resulted in a successful migration to Microsoft Azure. This enabled RSS to overcome their challenges, improve operational efficiency, and achieve significant cost savings. With a robust IT infrastructure, RSS became more resilient, productive and well-positioned for future growth. The partnership with Pisys exemplified their commitment to delivering tailored solutions and exceptional customer service, making them a trusted IT service provider for businesses like Rope and Sling Specialists Ltd.

“Working with Pisys has been an exceptional collaboration for Rope and Sling Specialists Ltd. We have been highly impressed with their commitment to finding affordable solutions and their unwavering dedication to building a strong and trustworthy relationship. Pisys’s clear communication and deep understanding of our specific needs have been invaluable throughout the process. Interacting with their IT engineers has been a breeze, thanks to their approachable nature and ability to simplify complex technical language. Based on our positive experience, I would highly recommend Pisys to other businesses seeking reliable IT solutions.”

Angela Holmes, Finance Director, Rope and Sling Specialists Ltd

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