Could your staff potentially be using a malicious browser extension without realising? There are many browser extensions created to help save time, to be more productive as well as having a more personalised online experience.

Majority of them work accordingly but some are not designed to support or help in any way.

In the unfortunate case that you download a malicious browser extension without being aware, it can potentially threaten your business productivity as well as additional unwanted advertising.

This form of malware is known as adware, which is made to send through unwanted advertisement and can alter the search engine to send affiliate pages when you are making purchases. This process generates revenue for the extension’s creators.

More than 4 million customers of a cyber security company have been attacked by adware through browser extensions over the prior years, as the report from the company revealed.

A lot of the time people didn’t realise they were under attack.

Unfortunately, there is a much sinister scenario where malicious extensions are suppressing actual malware which can corrupt your computer device.

Malware is capable of spreading across an entire network and can steal sensitive data such as payment details and logins.

How to keep your business and data safe

• Only download them from trusted & reliable sources
• Research reviews and ratings
• Look into controlling which extensions can be installed by the team

Want more peace of mind? We can help with this and can provide fun training for your team on software protection.

Published with permission from Your Tech Updates