Do you ever find yourself wondering if applications are a little too interested in what you are up to? are your apps spying on you?

Have you ever had the experience of discussing a new product to your friends or somewhere you want to explore…?

Next thing you know your online world is altering to adverts that cover exactly what you were talking about. Coincidence?

Surprisingly, we haven’t had much control over what information our apps can gather about us. Cyber spying is a threat for all laptop and mobile device users, do you think your apps could be spying on you?

iOS and Android have made an improvement to give back power on online privacy, suddenly, we have control of data including the use of camera and microphone.

Although it can be easy to think of this only being issues in terms of phone devices, laptops also face similar problems.
Microsoft are testing a new feature in Windows 11, allowing us to gain back control. The new feature is Privacy Auditing.

Benefits of Privacy Auditing 

  • See what applications have had access to sensitive data like hardware, like     webcams and microphones
  • Check if your screenshots, contacts, messages, and even location data is acquirable to apps
  • Available in Privacy & Security menu, under App Permissions when launched
  • List of what is being retrieved from what app and from when.

After the launch it should become your first option if you suspect any suspicious activity on the device. It should help to avoid malicious activity and to put power back in your hands to stop apps spying on you.

In the meantime, are here to help. If you’d like someone to look over the data permissions on your business’s devices, get in touch: 01792 464748

Published with permission from Your Tech Updates.