DHCP is a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. It is used to automatically assign IP addresses to devices on a network.

Draytek router is a type of networking device that connects multiple devices to a network. It acts as a gateway between devices on a local area network (LAN) and the internet, allowing them to communicate with each other and access network resources.

Configuring DHCP on a Draytek Router

Go to WAN (Wide Area Network) > General Setup > Details page LAN (Local Area Network)

1. The IP address field allows you to change the IP of the router.
The Subnet Mask field does the same but for the Subnet Mask.

What is a Subnet Mask Field? A 32-bit number which is used to divide an IP address into subnetworks. The subnet mask is used along with the IP address to determine which network a device is on and whether the device is on the same network as another device.

To configure DHCP on a Draytek router, you will need to log in to the router’s web-based user interface. You can then access the DHCP settings and configure them as needed. Here are the steps to follow.

2. Disable and enable – determine whether the DHCP Server is on or off.
The start IP address sets the first IP in the DHCP scope. (ALL IPs before the start IP will not be in the DHCP scope and will be static.)

  • IP Pool Counts defines the range of the DHCP scope. It takes the start IP and adds the set value (200 in this case) to create the DHCP range.
  • The Gateway IP address is the IP of the router/modem that handles the incoming line.
  • Lease Time is the length of time that the client can use the IP address it has been assigned by DHCP.
  • The default is 1 day (86400 seconds)

3. Just enter the DNS (Domain Name System) IP you get from running an ipconfig /all from a machine on the network. On the DHCP settings page, you can configure the DHCP server settings as needed. This will typically include options for setting the starting and ending IP addresses for the DHCP range, as well as the lease time for DHCP leases.

4. Once you have configured the DHCP settings, save your changes and restart the router to apply the new settings.

5. Configuring DHCP on a Draytek router may vary depending on the model of router you are using. If you have any trouble, contact Pisys for further broadband assistance.

At Pisys we can run a DHCP on a server, if the customer has one. For more information on configuring broadband routers get in touch with Pisys.