Microsoft Office 365 – Secrets to Make Your Working Life Easier

Wednesday, 15 November 2017
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Over the last 20 years, one particular aspect of working life has changed considerably – the dependence on IT.

Up until the mid-90’s, IT was still relatively new and many businesses had one or two computers per office, the internet was in it’s infancy and email accounts were few and far between.Β  By the early 2000’s, IT had become a mainstay of offices across the UK and most if not all office based staff had their own PC and the applications most people used on a day-to-day basis were Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Fast forward to today and almost all businesses have IT at the heart of their operations.

While the hardware over this time may have changed considerably, the dependence of Microsoft applications has continued for most organisations and the main reason for this is that Microsoft have regularly refined and upgraded their product.

The latest version – Microsoft Office 365 – gives users a whole host of features and benefits designed to help make their work life easier and more efficient however an issue people still face today that they did back in the early 2000’s is understanding the full capability of the applications.

Most users know enough to do their job but with Office 365, there are many features built in to each application that people are simply unaware of.

Accessing these shortcuts does not require the user to attend a training seminar; Microsoft have developed an easy to use site that gives hints and tips based on the Microsoft 365 application you are using.

Either navigate through the suggestions they have on the most popular topics or search for your own specific need. Either way, the intuitive site offers simple to understand steps that show you exactly how to benefit from Microsoft Office 365.

To visit the site, click here –Β

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