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For any business in the current digital age, information technology services are essential tools that will help you keep up with competitive forces. This is why is a crucial partner to most businesses in Newport, providing them with round-the-clock proactive IT support services.

Being a vital seaport where numerous import and export activities take place, businesses in Newport are exposed to rapid technological changes. These changes require them to consistently adopt new IT practices to stay relevant.

Newport has been a pioneer host for events such as the first jazz festival in 1954, the ESPN X-Games in 1996, and the first airplane passenger line connecting to New York, among many other events. Due to the pioneering nature of the city, businesses that do not keep up with shifting technology trends are in great danger of being swept into oblivion by the competition.

Since most managers may not have the ability to keep their organisations up to date with the latest IT trends, becomes your much-needed IT services partner to ensure you are not overwhelmed by the ever-shifting technologies. The managed IT solutions offered to businesses include cyber essentials and GDPR, hardware solutions, backup and disaster recovery services, hosted phone systems, Microsoft Office 365, managed broadband, among many more.

We have remote monitoring software that will conduct routine diagnostics of your systems, detecting problems before you are even aware they exist. Early detection enables us to fix any issues before they incur your organisation other unnecessary costs. The software can also detect and combat spams and virus infections before any real damage occurs to your systems.

Although the remote monitoring software can detect and fix almost 97% of IT problems presented by our clients, we still believe in the importance of having a local physical presence. That is why our team of certified Microsoft engineers will always be ready to visit your business location and ensure that no issue goes undetected or unfixed.

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Different businesses have different IT needs. Our over 25 years of industry experience has given us a good understanding of these different needs, ensuring the infrastructure and services provided to you are the required ones. Whether you are a sole trader or a large company with hundreds of employees, we will offer the IT support packages that fit your requirements. We ensure that while you get the necessary services to take care of your business needs, no resources go to waste in the process.

We take pride in being a Welsh IT company with some of the most competitive rates in the market. We offer both pay-as-you-go and fixed-price contracts, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your budget and needs. Our customer testimonials certify that our deals are the most cost-effective in the industry, given the high quality of services we deliver.

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