From the first week of April 2022 will be moving to a 4-day working week, with 100% pay, 80% time with 100% commitment.

“Ensuring my employees are happy, able to enjoy a better work life balance while fulfilling great careers in the IT industry is a priority of My teams have proven that using cloud solutions, hybrid and flexible working has increased commitment and productivity with customer care remaining at the forefront of what we do. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me I would be happy to discuss the future of work.”
Steve Bain, Managing Director

The feasibility study investigated the number of shifts needed in a working week, against a loss of shifts. The results of the investigation pointed towards the need to increase staffing levels. This would allow us to maintain our current customer service standards.

Jacob, Technical Manager explained: “Customer Service coupled with operational excellence were at the forefront of this study, with colleague happiness and improved staff work-life balance as the drivers. I am looking forward to receiving applications for our IT Systems Engineer and Apprenticeship vacancies, please get in touch to learn more:”

Employees were ecstatic about the news and looking forward to the future of working. Jason, Help Desk Manager at commented: “Teamwork and dedication to succeeding at job roles ensures the work will still be completed with reduced working hours. I see this improving how we work together – teamwork!”.

4 Day Working Towards The Future

With countries like New Zealand having started the four-day work week back in 2018, it seemed a far reach for the UK to follow. With technology advancing due to the demand from the pandemic and the advance of hybrid working, the future of working is here sooner than what we expected.

The first week of April is exciting for more than just one reason, and it’s not April Fool’s Day! will be joining Comcen on its 40th anniversary.

“This year Comcen will celebrate 40 years in business, we have seen a great deal in that time, technology changing, competitors coming and going, a recession or two, good times and bad, but we are looking forward into a brighter and more innovative future and this is just the start of more to come.” Dave Matthews, Group Managing Director, Comcen and

“Technology should improve your life… not become your life.” Billy Cox

Happy Team

With a four-day working week it offers a better employee package for all! are looking to improve the quality of work life balance for employees as well as increasing productivity across the company.

Happy staff = Happy customers.

Leia is a Fast Response Engineer for, her initial response was “Extra time for flying!”. With more time for hobbies, family, friends, and pets’, staff are happy to kick start the movement.

With International Women’s Day approaching on the 8th of March, it is important to highlight and celebrate women within technology.

“Between working in IT and flying light aircraft for fun I’ve always been outnumbered by the boys… It’s not for want of skills or interest when people get the chance to try – all the women I’ve worked with or flown with have been fab, but you have to see someone out there doing well in a role to know that it’s a role that a) even exists and b) that’s is a role that “people like you” you could do. – Can’t be what you can’t see. We’re always fighting a skills shortage in tech and IT so failing to recruit adequately from literally half the population helps no one! We have to fix that.”

“Life changing work-life balance.” Ben

“Liberating – fantastic initiative and opportunity from to their staff.” Angela

“I’m not telling anyone. I’m going fishing!” Martyn

“My family live further way so the extra day will allow me to spend more time with them.” Harry

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We are currently looking for new members to join If you have a passion for technology and would like to join our incredible team then check out our latest job vacancies!

Our employment package includes: 4 day week with full time pay, excellent pension, training and accreditations, hybrid working, additional days holiday for every year of employment up to ??, charity and community events, well-being programme, discounted technology and friendly happy colleagues. IT Systems Engineer

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We are looking for expert IT Systems Engineers to come onboard and be a part of our great working team environment to provide IT support and customer satisfaction.

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We are looking for an enthusiastic member to join our apprentice program. The role and responsibilities are working with the projects team to build and deliver new computers to customers, work with the support team to reset passwords, creating and administering new users and basic networking – learn on the job and gain experience.

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