Pisys, Managed Services Provider (MSP), has achieved recognition in the Business Growth Awards Wales 2024, earning a coveted spot in the Business Service Excellence category. With a commitment to business resilience and cybersecurity, Pisys, stands out for its tailored solutions, remarkable customer satisfaction rates and innovative approaches to employee development.

Pisys’ Journey Towards Excellence Recognised at Business Growth Awards 2024

Business growth 2024 Awards Finalist logoPisys a Comcen Company, has made the shortlist for the esteemed Business Growth Awards Wales 2024, specifically in the Business Service Excellence category. This annual event, a highlight in Cardiff, is a celebration of exceptional accomplishments in business throughout South and West Wales.

Scheduled for April, the Business Growth Awards Wales is a distinguished gathering that unites entrepreneurs, decision-makers and influencers recognised for their significant contributions to the regional business landscape. Pisys, renowned for its dedication to business resilience and cybersecurity, stands nominated for its outstanding service in the Business Service Excellence category.

“As the Managing Director of The Comcen Group, acquiring Pisys in 2019 was a strategic move to bolster our services and solidify our position in the Business Technology Sector. The team at Pisys takes immense pride in the efforts invested to consistently meet and exceed the expectations of our valued customers. Their commitment to excellence in cybersecurity and business resilience perfectly complements our mission to provide comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions to our valued customers.” – Dave Matthews, Managing Director, The Comcen Group.

Securing Growth: Pisys’ Commitment to Business Resilience

Pisys, driven by its mission to shield businesses from cyber threats through cultural and procedural transformation, has positioned itself as an indispensable partner in the growth journey of its clients. Going beyond mere compliance, Pisys empowers clients with continuous cybersecurity training, adaptation and improvement, a commitment highlighted under the leadership of Managing Director Steve Bain.

“Behind every achievement and award shortlisting at Pisys is a team of dedicated professionals—the Pisys people. I deeply value the incredible efforts and commitment they bring to the table. Without their collective dedication to business service excellence, we wouldn’t have the strong relationships with our customers that allow us to truly understand and meet their needs today while strategically planning for their future growth. This shortlist is a testament to the hard work and collaboration of the entire Pisys team.” – Steve, Managing Director, Pisys.

High standards for business service excellence are evident in Pisys’s tailored solutions, an impressive 98% customer satisfaction rate, and an outstanding 99.5% retention rate on 30-day contract renewals. Pisys’s layered cybersecurity approach, in collaboration with industry leaders like Datto, Microsoft, Bitdefender, and SentinelOne, provides a robust defence against evolving threats.

The client-centric approach is further exemplified by Pisys’s new Client Portal ticketing system, designed to streamline issue resolution and enhance communication. The company’s dedication to continuous improvement extends to employee development, with innovative initiatives such as the 4-day workweek with 100% pay.

Educational Initiatives and Environmental Commitment

Demonstrating commitment to continuous learning, Pisys emphasises initiatives like Pisys eCampus and free training for both staff and customers. Environmental initiatives, including electric car investments and sustainable infrastructure plans by 2025, underscore Pisys’s dedication to Net Zero reduction goals.

Pisys’s recognition in the Business Growth Awards 2024 underscores its commitment to quality, security and social values.