Celebrating Our Success: Go:Tech Awards Finalist for IT/Telecoms Support

We are happy to announce that we have been made a Go:Tech Awards finalist for the IT/Telecoms Support Award by Go:Tech 2023.

The Go:Tech Awards is an annual event that recognises and celebrates innovative technology companies and individuals across various industries in the UK. Specifically, the awards highlight companies and individuals that are pushing boundaries, creating solutions, and challenging the status quo in their respective fields. The categories of awards cover a broad range of industries, including finance, healthcare, education, and environmental sustainability. The awards also have specific categories for start-ups, entrepreneurs, and women in tech. Overall, the Go:Tech Awards aim to promote and encourage the growth of the UK’s technology sector by recognising and honouring those who are making significant contributions to the industry.

We make IT easy so you can focus on your business!

“Our mission is to protect businesses from cyber threats by transforming culture and practices. We go beyond compliance requirements and empower our clients with the knowledge and tools to continuously adapt and improve their cybersecurity posture. Our goal is to not only safeguard against cyber-attacks, but also support business continuity and growth through comprehensive and proactive cybersecurity solutions that give customers confidence.”
Steve Bain, Pisys Managing Director

We have the goal of reducing cyber-criminal opportunities gaining funds, and futureproofing business continuity, with more ROI for businesses, changing business culture and behaviours from top to bottom, preventing risks before they happen.

At Pisys we understand the variation of requirements and budgets between sectors and offer innovative and bespoke solutions with the lead from the Pisys Senior Solution Specialists, Martyn, and Jason.

Empowering businesses with IT knowledge and providing peace of mind to customers, building relationships, and reducing bad IT habits which can risk IT security and employee security.

Ensure your business has the correct IT tools in place to get the most out of your business functionality. We can work around your business and tailor IT packages to your unique business requirements.

The Pisys helpdesk are passionate about finding solutions to customer IT challenges and enjoy hearing from you. Rest assured there is no tech jargon! we know tech terms can be overwhelming and daunting, so we talk to our customers like humans not robots.

We are trusted by over 2000 customers across the UK.

At Pisys, we value our customers above all else. That’s why we’re proud to have built a loyal customer base of over 2000 satisfied clients across the UK.

Jump on a call with our friendly team with no obligations, to find out more about cyber security and IT support. Let’s start making your business safe and secure!
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5 Reasons Why Being a Go:Tech Awards Finalist is a Win for Tech Companies

  • Recognition of excellence: Being a finalist in this award category is a great recognition of Pisys’ excellence in providing IT support services.
  • Credibility and reputation: The Go:Tech Awards are a prestigious event in the UK’s technology sector which can lead to more partnerships, collaborations, and business opportunities in the future.
  • Motivation and morale: Being a finalist has boosted employee motivation and morale, as it is a testament to their hard work and dedication to providing excellent IT support.
  • Increased visibility: As finalists Pisys is proud to be part of the Go:Tech Awards celebrations.
  • Networking and connections: We look forward to the awards ceremony as an opportunity for Pisys to network and connect with other top performers in the industry.