We have some exciting news to share starting off the new year with some celebratory accomplishments of our Pisys team.

At Pisys we believe in promoting from within and providing opportunities for our employees to grow and advance their careers. We have a structured career progression program that allows employees to take on additional responsibilities and move up within the organisation.

This program includes regular performance evaluations, training and development opportunities, and clear communication about expectations and advancement criteria. We encourage our employees to take ownership of their career development and to actively seek out new challenges and opportunities for growth.

Our commitment to career progression has resulted in a highly engaged and motivated workforce, and we are proud to have many long-term employees who have progressed through the ranks and become leaders within the company.

Jason, previous Helpdesk Manager has progressed his position to Senior Solutions Specialist with Pisys.

“I’ve moved to the Sales Department taking on the Role of Senior Solutions Specialist, which means I will be dealing with my customers as an Account Manager.

My experience across all other departments in the business over the years is but one of the many reasons having me in this role will both benefit us as a company as well as the customers themselves as I’m not a salesperson at heart, but a techie.

Partner that with my affinity for customer service and my nature of wanting to help to the best of my abilities, which should then result in us being able to give the best service possible.”


Leia, previous Fast Response Engineer has advanced into the role of Helpdesk Manager with Pisys.

“I’m moving from the Advanced Support team to the Helpdesk Manager role. I am looking forward to using the experience gained in my direct support role and through handling escalations, to maintain and improve the overall speed and efficiency of ticket resolution and customer support.

I will be looking to increase the use of the data gathered on the types of tickets and common issues in order to increase proactive support and reduce the number of issues which arise in the first place.”