We are thrilled to receive the Business Service Excellence Award from the South Wales Business Growth Awards 2024. This recognition demonstrates Pisys‘ commitment to outstanding business service excellence. Winning this award is especially meaningful as it acknowledges the achievements of SMEs in South Wales, and identifies Pisys as a leading Managed Service Provider in this dynamic business community.

The Key to Our Success: The Exceptional Team at Pisys

Pisys Business Service Excellence team celebrate winning the award

The key to our Service Excellence lies in the strength and dedication of the Pisys team. Dave Matthews, Group Managing Director of Comcen and Pisys, praises their efforts, stating, “I am immensely proud of our team at Pisys. Their dedication and expert handling of IT support and cybersecurity solutions not only protect our clients but also drive their growth and resilience.” Steve Bain, Managing Director of Pisys, adds to this sentiment, noting, “The team at Pisys is truly remarkable. Their commitment to providing personalised, high-quality IT services has set a standard in the industry. I am incredibly proud of how they prioritise the human touch in everything they do, ensuring that our clients receive the most reliable and effective solutions tailored to their needs.” These statements from our leaders emphasise the critical role that our dedicated team plays in not only meeting but exceeding client expectations through innovation and personalised service.

A Human Touch in a High-Tech World

Central to Pisys’ success is its balanced approach that blends advanced technological solutions with a deep human touch. This strategy proves indispensable in an era dominated by AI and digital innovation, especially within the SME sector where personalised service is highly valued.
The team at Pisys excels in designing bespoke solutions that resonate with the unique challenges faced by SMEs. By focusing on direct, human interactions, Pisys ensures that technology serves as an enabler rather than a barrier, fostering stronger business relationships and more effective solutions.

Award-Winning Business Services: SMEs at the Heart

Pisys’ recognition at the Business Growth Awards serves as a testament to its dedication to the SME community. With nearly 100% client satisfaction, this award reinforces Pisys’ position as a pivotal business partner to local enterprises, committed to their growth and success in an increasingly competitive market.
Pisys, is committed to advancing the interests of SMEs. Our tailored services are designed to meet the evolving needs of this dynamic sector, enabling them to thrive amidst technological advancements and market changes.

Pisys: Your Trusted Partner in IT Support and Cybersecurity Excellence

Based in Swansea and Scotland, Pisys is dedicated to enhancing the growth and resilience of SMEs. As a comprehensive technology service provider, we offer a range of critical services including IT Support, Cyber Security, Cyber Essentials, Business Continuity, Cloud Solutions, Data Protection, Business Phone Systems and Broadband.

One of our valuable features is the FREE training available to all customer through Pisys eCampus. This online learning platform is designed to enhance cyber awareness and skills, crucial in today’s digital landscape. Alongside, our Monthly Guides, Blogs and Knowledge Base, keep you updated on the latest cyber threats and technological innovations, helping you stay ahead of potential risks.

Begin your journey with Pisys, take advantage of a complimentary survey conducted by our Solutions Specialists. We’ll evaluate your current systems, identify your needs and provide tailored recommendations, all with no obligation. This initial evaluation allows us to understand your long-term goals and objectives, resolve any current issues you may face and explain the benefits of our strategies.

With our flexible 30-day rolling contracts, you are never locked into any service, ensuring freedom and flexibility in how you choose to protect and grow your business.
Choose Pisys for a partnership that offers not only leading-edge technology solutions, support and business service excellence, but also a commitment to your business’s continued protection and growth.