The Comcen Pisys Tech Expo was a resounding success, featuring leading manufacturers and insightful tech talks on cybersecurity and technology for businesses. Attendees praised the event’s organisation and value, highlighting the importance of staying ahead in the digital world.

Swansea, UK – In a resounding success, the recent Comcen Pisys Tech Expo brought together industry leaders, manufacturers, and businesses to explore the latest advancements in cybersecurity, IT support, and technology solutions. The event, held at The Village Hotel in Swansea, featured a diverse range of exhibitors, engaging tech talks, and enthusiastic participation from attendees across the public and corporate sectors.

One of the key highlights was the presence of renowned manufacturers, including Microsoft, Datto, Zen, and Lenovo, who showcased their cutting-edge solutions. Microsoft’s engaging session delved into the exciting features of Windows 11, while Zen captivated the audience discussing “The Big Switch Off,” emphasising the importance of streamlining IT support processes.

A standout tech talk was delivered by Chris Roberts, Director and Cyber Specialist at Cybata. With his extensive experience dating back to 1983, Roberts took the audience through a captivating real-life data breach scenario, highlighting the significance of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) for businesses. Roberts’ ability to communicate the complex world of cybersecurity in a relatable manner resonated with attendees, emphasising the crucial role of MSPs in navigating the evolving digital landscape.

The expo received overwhelming praise from both manufacturers and customers. Edd Dale from Microsoft and Illuminate-Learning expressed gratitude for Comcen’s exceptional organisation and commended the event’s success. Chris Godsalve, Country Manager UK&I at Yealink, emphasised the value of the partnership with Comcen in delivering enhanced user experiences. Manufacturers such as Datto, LG, Lenovo, Acer, and CTOUCH were also appreciative of the event’s success and the opportunity to engage with businesses across various sectors.

Customers echoed their satisfaction, with Carmarthen County Council praising the event’s organisation and support. The Junior Lawyers Division, representing an independent law firm, expressed their enthusiasm for merging into the tech sphere. Student Roost also conveyed their appreciation for the hospitality extended during the expo.

Dave Matthews, Group Managing Director of Comcen, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to valued customers, manufacturers, and the Comcen team for their contributions to the event’s success. Matthews acknowledged the extensive travel undertaken by attendees from Scotland, the North of England, London, and the Home Counties, emphasising their recognition of the value offered by the expo.

As the event concluded, numerous attendees seized the opportunity to take advantage of exclusive event deals, with Matthews encouraging interested parties to reach out for more information.

Comcen Pisys Tech Expo proved to be a resounding success, providing businesses with valuable insights into cybersecurity, IT support, and technology solutions. With a compelling lineup of manufacturers, engaging tech talks, and positive feedback from participants, the event underscored the importance of staying at the forefront of technological advancements in today’s dynamic business landscape.

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