IT Cyber Security Services

As cyber security specialists, we provide secure, reliable, and cost-effective IT security solutions that enable your business to grow.

Although large corporations in big cities may make the headlines, micro-SMEs across the UK, from Swansea, Cardiff, and Newport through to Aberdeen and beyond are all at risk of a cyber-attack.

Based in South Wales and Scotland we aim to help companies to protect themselves against common cyber security threats. As cybercriminals develop new ways to steal data from businesses of all sizes, reviewing your IT security is now a vital part of protecting your company. Organisations have an obligation to ensure that their IT network, data and application are secure.

Secure IT Support

We offer collaborative IT support, working closely with our clients to better understand their business plan and infrastructure before recommending strategic IT support. This ensures a more efficient workplace as well as our innovative infrastructure solutions helping you to better secure your organisation from cyber attacks. We provide IT security awareness solutions for all situations, from large organisations to small businesses.

What’s more, as many companies now have staff working remotely, fraudsters are using these changes as an opportunity to undertake phishing scams, so it is even more prudent that cyber security policies and procedures are in place.

In addition, as the majority of network breaches are due to spam emails inadvertently opened by staff, we offer bite-sized, online training modules (5-10 minutes each) to show staff what to look out for (see our Dark Web page for more information).

Our Secure IT cyber services are listed below; however, we also recommend businesses look at this page which shows you how to get Cyber Security Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus certification. Cyber Essentials is a government-backed and industry-supported system that safeguards businesses against the increasing threat of cyber attacks and delivers a clear statement of the primary controls organisations should set up to protect themselves.

Our IT Experience

We have many years of experience providing better IT solutions to defend organisations from potential cyber risks. To better protect from the developing IT security threats, we stay up to date with the latest trends and keep up with changing technology. This provides our clients with virus protection solutions that ensure more secure IT and a better protected business.

It is the UK Government’s reaction to creating a safer internet space for businesses of all sizes, across all industries.

If your company’s computers and IT systems and servers aren’t monitored well enough our thorough checklist will identify the areas where you are at risk. Our approach to IT security is strategic to best support your business aims. We develop an optimal IT security solution and a cyber security strategy for your business based on the level of business-critical data and applications. We can recommend the measures you need to take to increase your company’s cyber protection and how you can enhance your computer internet security to protect against cyber crime from ever happening to you.

Your data is in safe hands with our IT security specialists who are dedicated to optimising IT security to keep your company completely cyber secure.

Secure IT Services include:

Online Backup(expand)

If your computer was lost, stolen or it was damaged and unable to be fixed, how would you
access the data and files it contained?

With online backup, you can have access to your files immediately.

Key Benefits of Online Backup
  • Unlimited cloud based storage
  • Automatic backup function – all files will backup automatically every few hours
  • Accessible at anytime from anywhere on any device
How does it work?

Our online backup solution gives you as much space as you need with unlimited file recovery
and priority support – perfect for individuals or large teams. We will set you up with as many
backup accounts as needed and manage all backups on your behalf. If you find yourself in need
of accessing the backups, simply contact our helpdesk and they will give you immediate access

To find out more, contact [email protected]
or telephone 0330 124 1009.

Virus Protection(expand)

All businesses, no matter what size, are potentially under threat from computer viruses.
From corrupting data to deleting websites, virus protection is an essential part of IT

Key Benefits of Virus Protection
  • Regular updates to protect your business from the latest threats
  • IT system monitoring to identify areas of risk
  • Alert systems to identify viruses embedded in emails
How does it work?

Using the latest in global antivirus software technology, will protect your IT
systems from a wide range of online threats. Our team will remotely monitor your networks and
remove any threats before they harm your systems.

To find out more, contact [email protected]
or telephone 0330 124 1009.

Network Security(expand)

If your computer was hacked, what impact would it have on your business? Bank details,
personal information, passwords, etc. If these were in the wrong hands, it could have a
devastating impact on your business.

Key Benefits of Network Security
  • Password Protection
  • Data encryption
  • Regular security assessments
How does it work?

We will conduct a security review of your IT systems to identify areas of threat and implement
necessary solutions. For small businesses this may be as simple as installing a piece
of software. For large businesses, especially those working with sensitive data, we will develop
a bespoke package to meet your needs.

To find out more, contact [email protected]
or telephone 0330 124 1009.

Don’t leave it until you have been hacked to decide to review your cybersecurity. Do it today and make sure your IT network is secure.

To arrange a free IT security check of your company, get in touch.

Our thorough checklist will identify the areas where you are at risk, and we can recommend the measures you need to take to increase your company’s cyber protection and how you can enhance your internet security.

Email [email protected], telephone 0330 124 1009 or contact your nearest office.

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