Published 2 years ago

All businesses look at ways they can grow, and with EOS you can improve how your business runs. Keep control of your business with Pisys where we can help support your business strategy, setting goals and initiatives. What is EOS? The Entrepreneurial Operating System, read more to find out! Download EOS

4 Day Working Week for Swansea IT Support Company

Published 2 years ago

From the first week of April 2022 Pisys.net will be moving to a 4-day working week, with 100% pay, 80% time with 100% commitment. “Ensuring my employees are happy, able to enjoy a better work life balance while fulfilling great careers in the IT industry is a priority of Pisys.net. My teams have proven that… Read more »

7am Tech Talks – Let’s Talk Passwords…

Published 2 years ago

Nobody likes to admit their password habits! Do you find yourself repeating passwords to make it easier to remember? Then this ‘7am Tech Talks – Let’s Talk Passwords’ is for you. So, what could really go wrong if we don’t update and check our password security? Unfortunately… quite a lot! If you spend little time… Read more »

AM Tuesday Tech Talks

Published 2 years ago

There are only three reasons users don’t follow good security practices. (It’s the same three reasons why any particular process ends up not getting done!) They don’t know they should be doing something – a knowledge deficit. E.g., Users don’t know 2FA is an option, or don’t know that the software they’re using is insecure.… Read more »

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