Getting Ready for Microsoft Copilot – A Transformation in How We Work

Published 2 months ago

As Microsoft Copilot approaches its launch, it’s crucial for organisations to ensure a smooth transition by prioritising data preparation. Copilot, powered by large language models and the Microsoft Graph, promises to revolutionise productivity and collaboration. However, improper data preparation could lead to unauthorised access to sensitive information. In this blog, we’ll explore what it is… Read more »

The Truth About Data Breaches

Published 2 months ago

Have you secured your data? Real Data Breach in Numbers: Don’t miss out on the chance to steer clear of these alarming figures. The cybercrime industry is constantly evolving, becoming more sophisticated. In a small business of 14 employees, the consequences of a data breach was devastating. A single phishing email unleashed a cascade of… Read more »

Pisys Go:Tech Award Finalist – Recognised for Exceptional IT/Telecoms Support and Cybersecurity Solutions

Published 3 months ago

Celebrating Pisys’ Achievement as a Go:Tech Award Finalist in the IT/Telecoms Support Category Pisys, a finalist for the esteemed Go:Tech Award, is a leading provider of IT Support and cybersecurity solutions. Recognized for their exceptional IT/Telecoms Support services, Pisys has achieved significant growth and high customer satisfaction. With an innovative approach and a focus on… Read more »

Successful Roundup of Comcen Pisys Tech Expo: Showcasing Cybersecurity and Technology for Businesses

Published 3 months ago

The Comcen Pisys Tech Expo was a resounding success, featuring leading manufacturers and insightful tech talks on cybersecurity and technology for businesses. Attendees praised the event’s organisation and value, highlighting the importance of staying ahead in the digital world. Swansea, UK – In a resounding success, the recent Comcen Pisys Tech Expo brought together industry… Read more »

Starting the Planning Process for a Major IT Project

Published 4 months ago

From Sluggish to Swift: Unleashing the Potential of Modern Technology Are your once cutting-edge desktop machines now outdated, cumbersome and sluggish? Don’t let them obstruct your workplace any longer. It’s time to customise your system for optimal performance. In today’s interconnected world, seamless communication between systems is vital and that’s where we can help. At… Read more »

Go:Tech Awards Finalist 2023

Published 5 months ago

Celebrating Our Success: Go:Tech Awards Finalist for IT/Telecoms Support We are happy to announce that we have been made a Go:Tech Awards finalist for the IT/Telecoms Support Award by Go:Tech 2023. The Go:Tech Awards is an annual event that recognises and celebrates innovative technology companies and individuals across various industries in the UK. Specifically, the… Read more »

Pisys expands technical support team with skilled network support engineer

Published 6 months ago

Pisys hires Network Support Engineer Jason Fleming. With 20+ years’ experience, he’ll provide first-line response and remote support, enhance technical support, and improve customer service. Meet Jason Fleming, Pisys New Network Support Engineer Bringing 20+ Years of Customer-Facing Expertise Pisys.Net is pleased to announce that Jason Fleming has joined the team as Network Support Engineer.… Read more »

Pisys Comcen Technology Exhibition Comes to Swansea

Published 6 months ago

Pisys Comcen is hosting a Technology Exhibition in Swansea on May 25th, 2023. Attendees can network, explore IT solutions, and attend informative talks on the latest industry trends and innovations. Exploring the Latest Advancements in IT at Pisys Comcen Technology Exhibition in Swansea Pisys Comcen is thrilled to announce its upcoming Technology Exhibition and Showcase,… Read more »

Implement MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)

Published 6 months ago

If you have not enhanced your security, you may be making it too easy for an intruder to gain unauthorised access. If a criminal knew your address and had easy access to steal your keys from your pocket, it would not take much effort for them to steal your belongings. The more barriers you put… Read more »

Tech Talk IT Jargon Buster

Published 7 months ago

Even a few words of a foreign language can prove to be immensely useful in an unfamiliar place. We recognise that many individuals find IT jargon to be an unfamiliar language, and therefore, we strive to limit our usage of technical terms when collaborating with our clients. Furthermore, you may already be dealing with a… Read more »

Moving to VoIP before BT’s switch off

Published 7 months ago

BT’s switch off refers to the planned shutdown of traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) services by British Telecommunications (BT) in the UK. By moving to VoIP it makes it easier to manage all communication channels in one place. The switch off is a result of the increasing trend… Read more »

Keep Pisys up to date with any changes in your business

Published 7 months ago

Your business goes through changes, and so will your tech requirements, which is why It is important for businesses to keep their managed service providers informed of any changes to ensure smooth operation. Our website now offers a form for businesses to quickly and easily communicate any changes in their operations. By providing this information… Read more »

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